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  1. Hey Damien Great pack Just gets better True transperency seems to be a resource hog for me with most skins only one or two skins are more lighter on the cpu usage.
  2. I like how it smoothes the text but is it possible to allow arrows to the start menu? Very nice! Arrows allowed now problem fixed!! cool
  3. did you try creating a new text file in winnt or whatever your systemroot is and naming it "explorer.exe.32bitimgl" this should make the tray icons better if you have rpl2k installed.
  4. When i applied the new vistapack it was fine at first but, after restarting the automatic update thing showed up even though i was up to date. When i applied the updates it changed brouseui.dll and some more files back to the original same looking icons. so it looks that m$ made it so that they are resistant to changing or something. I think is it only happening to me?
  5. i have a problem with brouseui.dll it doesnt patch it right. does it have something to do with the new version just released for ie sp1 6.0 2800 1913?
  6. great it seems that this version lowered explorer.exe cpu usage but still needs work on at start menu skinning it shows pink shadow on left of list
  7. i can never add halos and stuff to the windows for the close button and maximize and stuff can someone post a sceenshot and show how it can be done. or can it be done?
  8. Oh sry O got it working now i just had to delete the regestry folder for tclock2 and customize the setting like no put tray clock fill. Great Program !!!
  9. Great Program!!! I do have some trouble with it tho I use win200 proffesional sp4 and it does just show a dark figure when there is no skin imported from a windows blinds file. but when a skin is applied for example i applied XPProfessionalvIII it skinned the taskbar prety nicely but it still needs work. The start button was skinned ok and theat was good. but the taskbar kind of resizes itself which i think should be fixed too. Lastly the clock doesnt appear unless i resize the taskbar. But otherwize good Job!!! edit: I tried another skin and the skinning worked as good as i wanted it the only major problem still is that the clock cannot be seen unless the takbar is resized.
  10. another thing abpout he vista icon pack 3.0 is that it really messes up the icons for the device manager and the shell crashes more often but otherwise its cool
  11. Thats true i saw the shell32 and i didnt want it either so i tried to uninstall but it didnt do it all the way so i still have some vista icons. its all mixed
  12. i couldnt find the link for vista icon pack v3 but ive finally found it because all the links i clicked were down. (found this on a chinease server. HEres the link http://download.pchome.net/design/icon/download_33867.html use at your own risk you have to replace explorer.exe and anotherfile i dont remember archive in forums because its not designed for win2000
  13. does the setup also patch tray icons similar to this program http://www.r1ch.net/stuff/win2000traypatch/

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