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XP-ES v0.9 released


What kind of Software installation do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What kind of Software installation do you prefer?

    • ... via Batch (.bat & .cmd)
    • ... via Registry (RunOnceEx)
    • ... via INF (webmedic-style)

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a couple of other things i have just noticed

1. %windir% has now been superceeded by %systemroot%

2. the install.cmd script assumes i have made a cmd script for nero and for java, if i hadnt noticed that i could have burnt a disc and then tried to install xp and then wondered why those 2 didnt set up, and cus i did notice it i have now got to write 2 more cmd scripts for those 2 program's

3. if i take the time to try and work out setup.ini and then to configure it, i could have written the bloody scripts in notepad

Come on guys, put a little more thought into it please...


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- I'll fix that problem with the creation of the .reg file

- xpAntiSpy actually applies nearly all settings to the SID area of the registry which is why this is no mistake.

empty batches:

That's "MS-Style": It's not a bug, it's a feature! I thought it would be best to implement a call up for both batches to the winnt.sif as you never now if you are dealing with a system that requires those drivers or not. If you ain't dealing with it you only see a blank batch appear for about a millisecond. But when the batch doesn't exist you get an error message which needs a user's action to dissapear. (I hope this was understandable)

3. if i take the time to try and work out setup.ini and then to configure it, i could have written the bloody scripts in notepad

What do you want me to do? Do you want a "unattanded switches" database for all applications that are currently available, so that you don't need to do anything? That ain't possible!!

The tool isn't meant for single desktop environments where you only need a default set of applications. It's meant for eg small companies where you have a lot of systems with different applications running or for those people with more than one home pc.

BTW the settings.ini is meant as an example, not "as is"!


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Let me just say that i love the program, i did since the beginning, exepct the only problem i have, is the timeout timer thing.

Why in god's name is it a 12 hr clock?

I set the timeout for 2 minutes, and it comes up with 12:02:00 AM

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Hey Paul, be honest with us: You only want to laugh your a** of seeing my source code :)

To all of you BUG-REPORTERS: Thank you!! I will try to finish the tool. Just keep posting, even if I do not answer. I will read it and try to solve it!!!

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Okay it's beta again :)

XP-ES v0.9 b11

Things I tried to change:

- New version of the timer (Hope it works)

- Fixed

i didnt ask for antispy, it still created it

- Select All & Unselect All had no influence on the checkboxes (xpAntiSpy, MultiCD)


I wasn't aware of the fact that I gave you my sources? You helped me once and for that I am thankfull, BUT there are a lot of other users such as webmedic, bor3d or aaronxp who helped me either. I am, not yet, intending to hand out my sources, as I don't think they are worth to be spread.

Again, thank you for your help and I took notice of your interest, but currently you ain't part of the development.

Hard words I know, but I felt a little offended by your post and the "we" and "us" in it!!

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Hey Nephilim, I am sorry you feel like that.

And you are correct, I am not part of your development.

I am however part of the development of a utility I started after a reply you gave in this thread earlier on, where you stated that not much work or no work at all will be done to your utility and then helped my decision by posting this week

Okay, as no one seems to have any troubles with my tool I will now officially declare the project's status as "Finished" and any further development as "Stopped".
The ideas you and Budster had were great but for me they don't go far enough, I want a tool that I can customize to a greater extent and have decided to create my own. You can see an outline of the possibilities in this thread .

Out of respect there has been no official announcement because I wanted to wait until I had spoken with you about the similarities between the two projects and to see where you went with yours, I see now that my respect was probably misplaced.

My post here

Give us some time guys, were not done yet.
Simply means that this project is not dead yet and better things are to come.

and this post

He maybe, but I am not, I need to talk with him before I go on.
Means even though you are finished with the project I am not.

One should try hard not to be offended in a forum especially an international one where things can be easily miss-understood.

However please don't miss-understand this post as it is obvious I am p***ed. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

First message here, so "hi all". :)

Guess I'm too late in asking if a feature can be added to disable the timer? In my situation I want XPES to run without the timer right after the Windows installation.

I've got an early beta version that works just the way I like it, but it has some limitations which the latest version doesn't have. So if it's possible... Pretty please with sugar on top???

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