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windows xp / 2000


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how to make a muliboo cd with XP Pro (NL) + (UK) + Windows 2000

it doesn't say mutch about what the best way is, (at least i dont want the winnt.exe way)

but some say you should do something with chain (whatever) and others say you must use isolinux (whatever) ...

someboddy just tell me whats the best way)

if use nlite to slipstream SP's make-unattend and remove some unwanted stuff. - for both versions of xp i want the same $oem$ folder and the same BTS DriverPacks

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the late response tels me exacly what i suspected not a likely chance to get an answer, -

if youd know windows youd know that the boot perations are downwards compatible - the problem is, that this sofware itsn't opnsource, so there is no darn way to find out, whats doing to an install source ...

so also no way (other than testing whitch takes lots of valued time), to check...

in the mean while i have desided just to stay away from this app,

by the way you anoying yank, if there is 1 nation in this world that doesn't genaraly speak good english it is in the USA... even while its your native language not mine...

so dont even start on that, as you couldn't even begin to learn dutch and german in double the time it took me to learn english.

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Windows XP PowerPacker doesn't support Win2K at this time.

It is pretty simple to add win2k if you know the concept of how multiboot disks work. The main thing is to create your boot directory and copy it in a folder at the root of your disk. Place the I386 folder in a folder inside the ROOT folder on your disk with your win2k ident files in that folder and at the root of the disk.

Go into the BOOT\BOOT.ini file and add a line pointing to your setupldr.bin file inside the boot folder you created.

If you don't want to use my tool you don't have to. It was made to help simplify things for those that allready know how to create a multiboot disk. At this time it only supports XP... and 2k3 is possible.

This app is still a work in process even though it is pretty rock solid. It does have it's minor bugs though. I'm hoping to have more time soon to add a lot to the next version.

Pretty sad that a reply from one of the users of the program would make you talk like that... but hey... we all have our hissy fits at times. ;)

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