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.Net Framework 1.1 fails to install

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Anyone else seen this? Nuhi, can you point me in any direction?

I used nLite 1.0 RC8 to create an ISO for Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64.

Very few tweaks were used, all simple GUI mods.

The installation goes great.

Downloaded the .Net Framework 1.1 installer from Microsoft.

Ran the isntaller, but it gets to registering System.EnterpriseServices.dll and it begins rolling back.

Regsvcs.exe is what fails, but I can't figure out why.

.Net 2.0 installs without issues, but I need .Net 1.1 for a specific application.

In response to Google results:

Nothing having to do with mscoree.dll makes any difference.

Tried to clean-up the install: the tool hangs. (Aaron Stebner's WebLog - "Removal tool to fix .NET Framework install failures")

Changed the TEMP and TMP variables: didn't help.

Is there something specific that I've turned off and need to turn back on to make this installer run correctly? Is there anything within nLite that would cause this type of issue?

Nuhi? Anyone?


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Have a look at your event viewer (start -> run, eventvwr), it contains several infos.

Also, you're using nlite 1.0 RC8 : 1.2 final is out.

And, are you installing .Net framework 2 at the same time ?

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Also look at log files. They usually have enough infos to find the problem. And likely not the case, but make sure you're not running out of disk space (I've had that problem once in vmware with a default 8gb partition which filled all too fast and made the .net framework install mysteriously fail, which it never had done before). Could be countless things.

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Thanks, folks. I do appreciate the feedback!

@crahak, great point about the logs. I had already checked and that's how I knew for sure what was failing.

@Camarade_Tux, yes the event log is also a great tool. Unfortunately, in this case, there was less in the event log than in the installers' logs.

I'm merely trying to install .Net 1.1 on an existing server that was built using an nLited image. .Net 2.0 isn't needed at this time. I was following the theory that nLite RC8 did something that kept the setup routine from succeeding. (Remember that this is Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64. .Net 1.1 is not included in the OS on 64-bit versions.)

Yeah, I know nLite 1.0 and later are out, but I'm using RC8 because I'm trying to find and fix something that was broken in a build that I originally created with RC8. I didn't want to change too much before I knew for sure the cause, you know?

I'm sorry I lost the faith Nuhi. I should've known better. It's not an nLite issue...well not entirely.

Through the process of elimination, I finally figured out the issue was DEP! I can't remember for sure now, but I think nLite stuck the offending line in my winnt.sif at some point. Not knowing any different, I had left it in.


.Net Framework 1.1 setup failed while registering components.

Here's the important parts of the log.

Registering System.EnterpriseServices.dll
Executing: ERROR: Process returned non-0 value! CMDLINE: "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\RegSvcs.exe" /bootstrapi
Executing: Failed


Windows was started with the switch /noexecute=alwayson in boot.ini, which turns on Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for all processes. (See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875352 for more information.)


I knew this issue was related to our custom unattend/sysprep image which was built with an nLited CD. I started by removing items in winnt.sif and rebuilding a test box until the issue disappeared. Then I gradually eliminated/added back items to determine the root cause.

This section is in winnt.sif.

OSLoadOptionsVar = "/noexecute=alwayson"

Removing the above section from winnt.sif resolved the issue when installing a customized OS.

But on the existing server (where my current issue is), the ability to turn off DEP was disabled. (See the screenshot.) I had to create a new entry in boot.ini and re-boot to force DEP to its default state. (See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875352 for more information.)

The system was re-booted normally (with the switch) after the .Net 1.1 updates were applied.

Thanks gang for your support! nLite rocks, Nuhi!


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Yeah, I'm not surprised honestly. While DEP sounded like a good idea at first, the implementation seems horribly broken. First time I've seen DEP in action was when a friend bought a new laptop with hardware that supported it. His Windows XP that came with it would crash in apps like notepad or the calculator... Turned DEP off, all problems gone.

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At school, we had a conference about time reversal.

The guy nearly closed the lid of his laptop at a moment and promptly reopened it since ir prevented the projector from displaying anything.

He received a message from DEP implying svchost.exe

About your problem : have you removed Dr Watson ?

From my experience that's a bad idea and a horrible idea on computer that support DEP.

If your processor did not support DEP, there would be no such tab as the one on your screenshot.

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Here's the rest of the story.

All of this is to get our Altiris Solutions up and going on a new server. After I turned off DEP to allow .Net to install, I had re-booted the machine normally, which turned it back on.

The Altiris install helper said the worng version of .Net was installed, but a minor registry hack took care of that.

Then, as I understand it, the Altiris applications wouldn't run properly because of DEP.

Needless to say, DEP has been changed to a different mode for good.

I guess we'll have to look at a corporate policy on DEP now.

Have a great weekend, all! Thanks for your support.

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i was under the impression that x64 already had 1.1 installed? and just needs 2.0 installing?

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I'm not sure about XP x64 but Server 2k3 x64 and ia64 do not ship with .NET 1.1 (which is 32-bit only distribution). It is supported install by running via WoW64.

I have an extensive report about this and related issues that shall be posted in a bit in a different thread as I have been working about 4 days solving....

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