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no POST, no display


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Hey all. i have put together a new pc system for a friend. the problem i have encountered is that when i have put all the parts in the tower the computer powers but none of the beeps which you get with POST are heard. also the screen does not display anything the light keeps flashing on the screen. i have tried diff screens which work with oher pc.s but they dont work with this new system.

i dont think the POST has occured. the graphics card is an ati radeon x600 pro and the motherboard is a asus a8r32MVP deluxe.

please may you help

thank you.

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If you remove all of the memory do you get a post error at boot?

If not, recheck all of the power connections to the motherboard. If they are all good try another power supply, especially with an AMD, they are very picky about the PSU. I have had a PSU that worked on an AMD stop working with it and when tested with an Intel worked just fine.

Also try reducing to minimum config. Just have motherboard, processor, memory and video, no drives attached and see if it will at least post.

Last suggestion, take the motherboard out ot the case and buil it out of the box on a static safe surface, like the cardboard box, and see if it will post built in a breadboard fashion.

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thanks for the input. the problem was that the motherboard also required the connection of the 4 pin 12 volt plug from the psu. i plugged this into the mobo and hey POST occured, problem solved. thanks for the help anyway!

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