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Problem with 4.6 Beta 1


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First I want to say that I use XPize for a while now and absolutly love it. Also I never had a problem with it.

But yesterday I had to reinstall my PC and thought to myself "Nice, there is new version lets try it out."

The installation went without a problem and I was happy as a kid to see the new XPize.

But after the restart an ugly unskinned Desktop awaits me. I restarted again and even reinstalled XPize but with no luck. The Screensaver and other things work but the windows and the taskbar are not changed.

If someone has an idea I would be happy to hear it.

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i had have similar problem, and it was before i ever tried Xpize.

It was caused by a corrupt uxtheme.dll (so the "themes" service didn't started), badly patched by a "multi patcher" that wasn't aware of the good build number.


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I do love this tool :thumbup , but I've used it always to integrate it to XPCD source.

The 1st time to receive an error was yesterday with the beta release, it was telling that the installer is corrupted :(

Hope to fix this issue soon xpero B)


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I found a fix. I just deinstalled XPize and after a restart copied a prepatched uxtheme.dll over the original one. After another restar I installed XPize again but this time without the patcher. I and what can I say, now it works.

And it looks great.

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I'm also having this problem... Very frustrating.

Plautzenbaer, where did you get that patched uxtheme.dll because I cant find the version/build i need (2845 i believe)?? The 'multipatchers' dont work for me either; they corrupt the uxtheme.dll (cant even start the xpize installer without crashing it on uxtheme.dll).

So I'm left with the old luna at the moment... :angry:

I'm figuring it will be fixed with the next beta/final. Any idea on when that might be? Or does anyone else have a correctly patched uxtheme.dll with my build? Or a patch that works on that build? :rolleyes::thumbup

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