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Problem post install


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Here in the office, I have the joy of maintaining 100 dell computers for the use of teenagers. Even through my best efforts, windows needs to be reinstalled more often than I would like.

Queue nLite...which I thought would be the solution to all of my woes.

I used one of my OEM dell Windows XP with SP2 CDs to make the nLite CD. Customized it a bit, integrated drivers and service packs and burnt the ISO.

It boots just fine, does a WONDERFUL unattended install...and then reboots. The loading windows screen comes up, tries to load, locks up and dies a painful death.

Anyone got any hint or tips as to what I might be doing wrong? This happens with or without tweaks..so I am fairly certain that I havent f***ed up windows that bad....

Any help would be appreciated.

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may way of dealing with xx amount of the same hardware type of pcs would be ghost

install / update / patch so on on one box

image it than roll it out when a pc goes down

no need to do 7 hrs of work on the box

if you got the right license of windows your using

but you can remove any of the license keys that you used on the install box and replace them with each pc license keys for the OS and software

if you got like office anti-virus

updates and other stuff to install i dont see the point and installing them 10 times a month when one goes down

its a waste of time the pc is out of use and a waste of your time

when you could be doing other stuff

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I agree... windows, then antivirus, then office, then sysprep (with uattended options), then ghost, then RIS the ghost image, then ghost again (save on a different partition on the same computer), then disable teen access to ghost partition, then configure ghost to run every day at 8 AM (or maybe 9, or maybe in the middle of the night, your choice :lol: )

If you need to know anything about how to do what I described above, feel free to pm me ;)


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