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Error Integrating RyanVM Update pack 2.12 + 2.12a


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I have a Fresh Copy of XPSP2 and having Problems when Integrating RyanVm Update Pack 2.12 and 2.12a with Nlite....It was quite perfect when it was with the Last version...

Just for Confirmation I also Upgrade Nlite 1.2RC and the Error remains there.....

The Error Comes with a Dialogbox at the Installation Process when

***Registring Components***

"Windows Can not Load Internet Configuration Libarary (ICFGNT.DLL)The Following error occurred .

The Specified Module could not be found."

I am also Unable to get Windows Media Player 10 working....It exists in Program files folder and shows an error I just forgot but it was saying some thing about Version Require this ??? and Found this...???

I also Integrate approx all themes [RyanVm's]and Unfortunately Non of the Theme Installed...

I already ENABLE UXptheame.dll Patch....

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try the RyanVM torrent tracker its there.
And you can try searching my forums. It's in there

Thanks... although I tried searching the forums again... and I still can't find it lol

Either way... one way of getting it is good enough for me. I'm going to play dumb and blame my stupidity on not having a clear head due to being sick. :wacko:

Anyway, thanks again :thumbup

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