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  1. Ok... I will give a try i will love to see Kels Post Insaller installing IE7,If there is no any timing difference between the two install....
  2. Yeh i realized that when i noted down all the file names. Whenever i integrate Updates packs,I must test it on a physical hardrive (Extra) from Dos Boot. Now for all of you guys integrating IE7 directly with Nlite can never do a DOS install. I like how DOS install do things because you can't depends on Virtual install all the time....
  3. I am a little disappointed ,no one replying my post.
  4. Change your Windows XP Shell. Backup your Registry before changing in Registry. To change the Shell: Open regedit under the user you plan on changing the shell for. Be very carefull in the registry!. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\system.ini\boot and if there is a value Shell, change the first 3 letters which read SYS to USR. Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and create a value for Shell and put the path to your new shell. Example (C:\shell\myshell.exe You can press Ctrl + Alt + Del to launch Explorer if required.
  5. Hello.. I integrated IE7 with Nlite and when i run windows setup (Winnt.exe Dos Boot)the file copying process starts with a lot of file Copying error messages. I realize that all these files were a part of IE7's . Cannot Copy admparse.dll.mui Cannot Copy advpack.dll.mui Cannot Copy extmgr.dll.mui etc.... I closed that insatall due to missing files. I am running windowsXP setup from Dos Mode on a Physicall Hardrive.
  6. You don't need to remove windows explorer,It provides the overall Window Management functions.Instead of doing this you can set your own custom shell to any other EXE. Btw,windowsXP can be the fastest operating system on Earth after Maximum tweaking with Nlite...
  7. Can i choose Regular Method in the Advance Options of HOTFIXES...? Nuhi,I did an unattended installation and i Currectly Put the KEY,I always Run the setup from the Dos Promt and I almost Never get any of the UNATTENTED setup i do created.... Is there any problem of WINNT.SIF file with the DOS base installation with D:\I386\WINNT.EXE
  8. I am having Problem specially with RyanVm's Update Packs and Addons...I actually made different folders for Sorting things... 1)Update Packs 2)Themes + Mouse Cursors 3)Windows Essential [Dotnet framework,Media Player 10,Windows Live Messenger]etc 4)Others Addons etc... It looks better to do in a proper manner,But i never check for any Date format so it may freeze up things in the End.. I faced too much problems last night i integrate with Nlite,Many Addon pack did not installed like Non of the theme installed.No Media Player 10...
  9. Yeh Thats why Nlite Often freeze up things at the End... I have seen most people said to me that used Ryanvm Integrator for Slipstreaming and Nlite for Other Additional Tasks....
  10. I have a Fresh Copy of XPSP2 and having Problems when Integrating RyanVm Update Pack 2.12 and 2.12a with Nlite....It was quite perfect when it was with the Last version... Just for Confirmation I also Upgrade Nlite 1.2RC and the Error remains there..... The Error Comes with a Dialogbox at the Installation Process when ***Registring Components*** "Windows Can not Load Internet Configuration Libarary (ICFGNT.DLL)The Following error occurred . The Specified Module could not be found." I am also Unable to get Windows Media Player 10 working....It exists in Program files folder and shows an error I just forgot but it was saying some thing about Version Require this ??? and Found this...??? I also Integrate approx all themes [RyanVm's]and Unfortunately Non of the Theme Installed... I already ENABLE UXptheame.dll Patch....
  11. Thanks Eck, It will reduce a Lot of Headache.... any way Thanks...
  12. Oh my Goodness...! I am Just Curious,why This post is not to be Sticky Yet ? I am a nOObie here... I Think this is Just Enough for All people who are looking for Update Windows98....Wow... Does it Contain any Custom selection in the installation of this Update Pack ? Actually I don't like Revolution Pack changes the Real Look of Windows98 ? Any way Thanks....

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