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Software Resctriction Policy

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Hi all,

As part of my unattend project, I aim to prevent Malware etc from getting onto the PC as I'm sure everyone else in the world wants to do.

I have used the Software Restriction Policy previously for blocking applications from running, but wondered if anyone knows of any sites which list known spyware/malware application and process names and even possibly the hash information for the files that the programs use.

Doing this would mean that I can prevent the nasties running in the first place let alone even infecting things and causing problems.

Any help would be well accepted.

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To catch a pile of trojans, surf "sword cursor", and install the softwares... There's one that gives your PC 80 malwares...

As for a way to beat spywares, I think you need to write a software that acts as an "antibody" by removing and/or adding stuff to the trojan on it's way in, to make it a benign trojan... Maybe there should be an indicator on all emails, telling how many bytes are in the email.. From what I understand, most bugs are approximately 32kb.. while most emails are about 10kb...

Maybe recognized trojans can be instantly shunted into a dump before they take hold..?

We shouldn't have to fear the sites that pump out trojans.. we should have the options to deal with what sets in our private PC's... The one I like, is I open suspect emails in my iMac... When an email has a bug, I get a pop up saying, "the system doesn't know what to do with this program"... Most bugs are created on PC...

The other one I like is Tiny Personal Firewall... It detects everything trying to connect to the Net, and will pop up a warning.. and just in case TPF also wants to connect to the Net, I block it too.. and just leave the little bugger working as an inside firewall...

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