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Editing WINNTBBU.DLL For Dummies

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Hi, my problem is I dont have the WINNTBBU.DL_, I only have WINNTBBU.DLL, so I change this with my own logo, but when I try to install the installation says that can't copy this archive, what can i do???, if i only put de WINNTBBU.DL_ the installation works on clasic mode, thanks.

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Just to add to the above procedure.........

After you created the file and all, test it with XPreview software. It's a freeware, which is soully designed to test such files. You can find it through a simple google search.

Install it, and open the newly created winntbbu.dll with XPreview, and it will give a preview of, what will the new Windows XP GUI Portion will look like. If the file is in place you will get the preview, otherwise it will say, something is not in place blah blah blah....

So be sure to check your winntbbu.dll, before burning new XP bootables, to avoid disappointments.

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I was interested in editing the background image of WiNNTBBU,but have another question about another section of the xp setup billboard(new style);I found a modded WiNNTBBU ( i downloaded from,i know not where...)billboard that has the setup text messaging animated as "page flip" effect similar to Vista copying dialogue glass folder,page flipping (cool customization for the xp billboard...imo)effect,and was wondering if MSFN members know what software (shareware,or freeware...)would accomplish the aforementioned "glass" page- flipping effect??

I could attach a screen shot of what I am going on about,but only a animated GIF could approximate what I am trying to achieve on my xp billboard...

Thanks in advance for any replys,hints,freeware suggestion...

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