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  1. Just to add to the above procedure......... After you created the file and all, test it with XPreview software. It's a freeware, which is soully designed to test such files. You can find it through a simple google search. Install it, and open the newly created winntbbu.dll with XPreview, and it will give a preview of, what will the new Windows XP GUI Portion will look like. If the file is in place you will get the preview, otherwise it will say, something is not in place blah blah blah.... So be sure to check your winntbbu.dll, before burning new XP bootables, to avoid disappointments.
  2. AutoPartition=0 is not used to say, create only one partition. It is used to tell, choose the partition which has most free space, as the installation partition. 0 = Windows XP install won't select the partition, instead user has to choose the desired partition for the installation 1 = Windows XP will choose the best partition with maximum free space, and proceed with installation in to that partition
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