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System shortcuts ... ot whatever it is called


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hi there ...

firstly i would like to thank people in this forum for their usual help and great efforts .. i haev a question about making a system shortcut , or whate ever it is called on the desktop ... i mean something like IE and the recycleBin .. i don't know if this is the apporpriate place for this post , but i think this is not a programming issue ,, indeed it is something related to registry tweaks ...

thx in advance .. waiting your reply :):)

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If you are talking about the my documents, my computer, my network places, etc...

try to use this:

; Put My Computer Shortcut on Desktop



; Put My Network Places Shortcut on Desktop



; Put My Documents Shortcut on Desktop



; Put Printers Shortcut on Desktop


@=" "

; Put Scheduled Tasks Shortcut on Desktop


@=" "

; Put Network Connections Shortcut on Desktop


@=" "

Hope you find it helpful, all you have to do is to put it in a .reg file

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There're various ways to hide/restore these icons.

My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, Recycle Bin are all special folders.

1. R click Desktop > Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > General > Desktop icons

2. TweakUI

3. reg (as above)

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