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[Release] Luna Royale v3.2 Theme AddOn


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lunaroyalebypgasexz4.jpg theme by Pgase

Luna Royale v3.2 With White Start Button

rocktendodq3.png sshot3hs9.pngblackbd9.png

MD5: 704E55DC1CEA9F42E9D85239FBC898ED

Size: 471 KB

Website: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40772637/

Luna Royale v3.2 With Color Start Button

rocktendodq3.png colorwto2.pngblacksh9.png

MD5: B0317493A6E52E7D8339493857DDB22C

Size: 467 KB

Website: http://www.deviantart.com/view/39360556/

Luna Royale v3.2 With Orb Start Button

rocktendodq3.png bluekorbys2.pngblackorbzh9.png

MD5: DCC00917D819055DBDC4676AF1F0C970

Size: 480 KB

Website: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/32413451/

Optional Componnents: XPize


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lclockbluejf8.pngllcockblackvc8.pngskins Pgase

Luna RoyaLClock


MD5: 5E7741F738C369FADCDC1CEE7A26A83B

Size: 565 KB

Switching Between Blue & Black Clocks

In order to switch the LClock colors from Blue to Black to Blue... Right Click and choose LClock Properties, now select the Calendar tab and manually edit BlueButtons.bmp to BlackButtons.bmp, then BlueBG.bmp to BlackBG.bmp and vice versa.

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@bledd... YES! :)

I moded Dgelwins LClock addon and added Pgases skins...

Im gonna update both so that if you choose you can switch back and forth from black and blue. (But I will still have two flavors just one is by default black and the other is default Blue)

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