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Can't transfer files on Yahoo Messenger?


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I have allowed all the necessary ports.

I have even allowed all ports to the client.

Yet I cannot recive or send any files as an error is occuring.

Sometimes it did worked when I allowed all ports, sometimes not even then.

What gives?

The ports I configured are 5050 Out, 80 Out, 443 Out, 5101 Inbound and Outbound. No UDP

What could be the problem

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I even allowed all connection, yet I still can't transfer.

Whenever I tried to, I get this blocked:

22:17:33 svchost.exe IN REFUSED UDP DNS DNS cache used instead

I allowed UDP to DNS port in svchost.exe and still nothing.

That IP is my DNS

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Not sure if this will help or not but I have had issues transferring to people using trillian or any other "non yahoo" app connecting to the Y! network. I use trillian now and cant send to anyone on MSN, Yahoo or AIM. But I don't care... I'd rather have 1 app going than 3 :P

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Outpost firewall

Unfortunately, Outpost is known to give a hard time about svchost.exe. :(

I can be browsing the internet then the web browser suddenly can't find the web site. Because when I want to limit the svchost.exe traffic, it wants to block svchost.exe from all traffic!

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