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New Version of Energy Logonui (Now Official Version)


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When I say reg mode I mean normal mode as in normal start up. I love how this looks tho, oddly enough it's anonnying....couldnt you compare both logins and see where they differ ? maybe you missed something when you where changeing things. Anyway hurry it up I say we should of used this from the start it's sexy and smooth.


I've tried comparing. the only things I changed was replacing original images. and changing colours via the uifile.

I'm sure i've missed one, but no idea which!

any other mirror to download

Extra mirror added to first post.

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You stole my login screen. You cracked it open with a res editor changed the background rounded the box, added the selected login background and called it your own.

You did not have my permission at all. You stole my images and my design.

You also are using my name, I own the name Enery Logons, Enery blue, energy green and energy silver.

You also are using my script! The only thing that you did was change the background and round off the password box.

I want it removed now.

What you did is in violation and it better be removed.

Edited by Seven Alive
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I edited my post after further examination.

Its a complete rip, he just added 1 image, rounded the password box and changed the background.

And you also have the f**king nerve to try and protect it with a pe compressor.

If people want changes, i will make them. BTW i was thinking about updating it, then i saw this.

This is BullSh*t

Its in copyright violation, i want it removed now.

Edited by Seven Alive
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