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Make MSN Messenger email shortcut open with Firefox

Thunderbolt 2864

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You know when you sign in with MSN Messenger and it notifies the user with a new email confirmation. I set my default browser to Firefox and when I click on the email shortcut it opens with Internet Explorer instead. Is there a way to make it open with Firefox? Same with the MSN Spaces and profiles, it opens with Internet Explorer instead.

I prefer using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Thanks for reading, help would be greatly appreciated.

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i seriously doubt that there would be a way to set it to use Firefox since Microsoft did make IE and because Windows Live doesn't work under firefox or Opera. if you want the program to use another browser, then get a better program for MSN(or LCS as they call it now)

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I've been wanting to do this with Opera forever. The *only* thing I know of is to Switch to Trillian, which will open it in whatever browser you use. trillian is currently at v3.1 (released about a year and a half ago or more, very good) but v4.0 is being developed.

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