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Samsung Monitor


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I have a samsung monitor (SyncMaster 510N)... worked perfectly until recently it doesn't show anything except this message:

I've read the Faqs but non of the solutions seem to work...

Any help is appreciated..


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What resolution are you trying to run at?

That message is telling you that 1280x1024@60 is "native" for it and will produce the best results. You can get a blank screen and that message if you are running a resolution that the monitor cannot handle.

Or a cable could be loose...

[ moved to hardware forum ]

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Only strange thing is that the Samsung 510N doesn’t support 1280*1024 :P. So, never saw this coming from the monitor, how did you get this message any way? Looks like a bad CMOS inside the monitor. Does it show any thing in DOS-mode at start up for example?

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