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Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

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Thanks RetroOS!

I wonder if WinRAR extracts those Cumulative updates. I'll install it and try, if the bad BROWSEUI.DLL (1915) is on the system.

Gotta boot out of Debian and into Vista to open VMWare and check out this stuff! Which means dealing with all the updates and scanning to get Security Center to shut up. I kind of have no idea why I keep installing Vista and having it annoy the h e c k out of me. I also install the Audigy 2 ZS when I do that. Now, the SBLive 5.1 Platinum is actually better for 9x (vxd's with ms-dos in Windows and in dos and it works on this motherboard) and better for Linux (all mixer buttons work, speaker mute available when using headphones, etc. Sounds just as good. Audigy 2 ZS is just adapted drivers from EMU10K1 as Creative didn't release the source for EMU10K2).

So changing back to SBLive and just 98SE and Linux requires a bunch of work, switching breakout boxes, reinstalling all, etc. Pain in the neck. But I think it's coming. Vista runs like XP did when I was an early adopter using older hardware. Not so great on this old motherboard. So I hate using it.

Sigh. I'll get on Vista now and see what I can do about BROWSEUI.DLL to fix this. Might as well tinker a bit.

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Hmm, well I have BROWSEUI.DLL 6.0.2800.1914, the older, good one.

So I reinstalled the Unofficial Scripting update. Same effect.

The post by charly may be correct. I'll try reinstalling the older scripting 5.6 official scripting update and see what effect that has.

Edit -

Well, I didn't see the older one lazily attainable within the Auto-Patcher folders and really would prefer to keep the newer files. No idea whether the browser I'll actually use once installed, Firefox, will have this same problem.

So I'll await the next Unofficial Internet Explorer Cumulative update and see what happens with that. I could copy over the older Scripting 5.6 update from an old cdr, but the problem really isn't THAT annoying. Maybe the newer update is better security wise.

Edited by Eck
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I tried the older official 5.6 to no effect, so I reinstalled the newer unofficial one.

Then I tried installing the 942615 unofficial IE cum (I uninstalled the older one first) since someone had said it had worked with the newer one. I followed the directions that came up to create the reg file that tells that it has been installed, then installed it.

I got the newer BROWSEUI.DLL. No problem booting, I guess because when I use 98SE2ME I do not use Option 3 or the Revolution Pack stuff.

Same problem. Oh well, I guess it'll await some fix for this to be discovered.

See, this is why I've stayed away from Windows in general and even 9x in particular. It's really easy to have broken things happen and difficult to get fixed.

I also discovered that often after Flash items display, Internet Explorer will crash when exiting, and even sometimes forcing a close and restart with a popup. I did need to reinstall Flash from Adobe since the newer one from Auto-Patcher was replaced with an older version by my Microsoft software (Works, Encarta, etc) installations. It installed fine, I rebooted, but the stuff still crashes on that Adobe test site.

Crash, crash, crash. Seems like old times! :) Why again do I like Windows?

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I also discovered that often after Flash items display, Internet Explorer will crash when exiting,

so is it , since newer java 1.5 and newer + misc. patches from AP i had this problems

before i installed win98 with gapes unoffical pack and the rest (Direct X 9+Patches ,Mediaplayer + Patches +98mp10,IE 6 ,MDDACU ,MDCIE6CU ) with java 1.4.2 and after that i load Flashplayer ,Shockwaveplayer thru the net it works fine but

needs more time for installing all this crap

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Just think. There were times I installed Windows 98SE and updated it by going from bottom to top of the mdgx.com printed lists for 98SE fixes and updates, IE fixes and updates, Direct X fixes and updates, and Windows Media fixes and updates, and then all the add-ons. I had downloaded each update to its own folder with a descriptive name so I knew what each one was. Complaining about installing a few packs? :)

You know what? I found that using a favorite Unofficial Service Pack (Gape, Maximus-Decim, soporific, pick your favorite) got me about the same results as doing all that manually. Just less time consuming, tedious, and confusing if using a compilation pack than doing it myself.

Things have the same chance of either lucking out with a stable system or being messed up no matter which way is chosen. I now pick the easiest way, which is now the Auto-Patcher with the Explorer, 98SE2ME stuff toggled off, then the manual installs folder stuff, then the Office install, then 98SE2ME, then NUSB, then EXPLOR98, then q891711. I guess? Driver hardware installs somewhere mixed in where appropriate, but this VMWare install didn't make me guess when to do that this time. I guess on real hardware I'd do the motherboard chipset drivers first thing. Don't need those on a fake OS.


Shockwave is there from the start on 98SE, just an ancient version. I figure my installing of that WorksSuite software is going to put a newer older version on anyway so I might as well update to the latest. In the past I've cleaned house once all my software installed every various version into the poor, helpless Macromed folder. Maybe I'll try that. I uninstall everything related in add/remove, run the downloaded Flash uninstaller (the Shockwave one is the same as add/remove so that one is just a waste), go into add/remove and Windows setup tab removing the Shockwave Flash stuff from there, reboot, delete the contents of Windows/System/Macromed, install Flash from the web, Flash again from a downloaded installer for Firefox, and Shockwave from a downloaded Shockwave Full installer for Firefox and Internet Explorer. But I have to wait until I get Firefox installed before that cleaning house process. Until then I leave things as muddied as my software installs make them, occasionally going to the Adobe site to have it reinstall the latest if I notice that Flash 7.14 is messing up something. Any software that installs Shockwave 8 replaces the latest Flash with 7.14. See why I clean house? Otherwise old useless folders and files that confuse programs remain in that folder.

The last message I got on the Adobe Flash installer website was that I needed to install both the latest Flash AND Visual Scripting to view this site correctly. It only installed Flash I think, but I do think Scripting is the culprit for the crashes and perhaps the new Flash when Internet Explorer tries to close its playing. I don't think it is Shockwave related.

Things are just a bit borked right now with the Scripting update. The latest Unofficial one says it installs vbscript .8834 but .8832 remains there regardless. Something isn't installing right.

Office stuff also interferes. When I had the 98SE guest on Linux in Virtualbox, I didn't install the Microsoft Office or WorksSuite stuff, only OpenOffice.org, and did not have these problems. I just like the Works templates that work on Word, the maps of Streets and Trips, and Encarta. And that Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition is nice on 98SE too. I figure if I'm going to use Windows I should be able to install stuff I've bought and enjoy using on it. Sure wish Windows files weren't do darned sensitive. One little mis-match and stuff can break.

I'm going to wipe Vista and install 98SE. Just gotta get in the mood for switching soundcards and for a long process. I want Direct 3D on 98SE, as well as real Dos with Vesa SVGA for the games. Virtualization just teases me.

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i installed befor AP Sept. with scr569x with no scripting bug

so with AP Dez.. Final came this s*** i ,uups into AP tested befor AP Dez. RC1 and no Scripting Problems

so something must be new between AP Dez. RC1 and AP Dez. Final


December 2007 RC3 (never released)


rolled back the Unofficial Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer 6 sp1 to the previous one (replaced kb942615 with kb939653)

updated: Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment 6 update 4

added: Windows 2000 style theme to schemes list

fixed: small bug with Unofficial Microsoft Scripting Engines v5.6, the wrong file version check value was being used


December 2007 RC2


fixed: bug where you couldn't choose the ScanFrag Update

changed: moved the Twain98 title to the Recommended system updates module and made it optional

fixed: bug in Twain98 where if you uninstalled it, you uninstalled the entire support for Twain scanners which was not intended.

added: new feature that counts the number of titles set to install

added: new file for SCR569X (Unofficial Microsoft Scripting Engines v5.6)fixed: some documentation errors

other Problems that i have is with the damd Flash and Shockwaveplayers

when closing sites ---crash IE other Sites dont Load Applets

and this Problem i have since AP Sept. - i think i run AP without loading IE 6 +Patches ,scr569x

and install this by Hand(IE 6SP1 +Mdie6cu +older Version of Scripting KB 917344 ) the rest looks good

i will test this today -- reinstall brand new

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Shockwave is there from the start on 98SE, just an ancient version...

Hi Eck,

I deselected Shockwave and Flash at Windows Install time, and then installed current Flash after - so I've never had Shockwave installed or the old Flash files.

Now, to fix these Flash crashes, do these steps:

1. Download the Flash Player Uninstaller from here: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashpl...lash_player.exe

2. Download the Shockwave Player Uninstaller from here: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/shock...uninstaller.exe

3. Run the Flash Player Uninstaller followed by the Shockwave Player Uninstaller

4. Reboot

5. Delete the MACROMED folder in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM (or whatever your Windows system folder is)

6. Install current Shockwave Player ActiveX (and Netscape plugin if using Firefox)

7. Install current Flash Player ActiveX (and Netscape plugin if using Firefox)

8. Reboot

9. :)

Flash Player 9.x install now cleans up the previous version flash files left behind.

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Too late! :)

I wiped out Vista and installed 98SE to the hard drive. I left the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum in there, had Debian on the second hard drive with Grub in its partition instead of the MBR and so made it real easy for BootMagic to take over from the Vista Bootloader I was using. I had removed the fstab mounting line beforehand, and now just added it back with the 98SE mounting lines and all is perfect!

What isn't perfect is I have the gotta install Visual Basic Scripting support in Internet Explorer on most websites after running the Auto-Patcher. Ah well, here's hoping a new Scripting 5.6 Unofficial update gets out with this fixed. I think it's got to be in that thing.

I think Creative software added Shockwave 7.14 into the mix, so now I have the really old 98SE Flash and the less old but still ancient 7.14 Shockwave. No matter. I'll take care of that after I get my software installed. I toggled those off, as well as Sun Java, in the Auto-Patcher so I could install them myself later. I have the uninstallers on a cdr that'll get loaded when I go through my copying from cdr hours soon. Got the full latest version installers too.

Next thing is WorksSuite, OfficeXP, and 98SE2ME, 98MP10, and NUSB. But I'll be hanging out in Linux in the morning first to get Debian Lenny's daily upgrades and stuff.

The NVidia official last 98SE driver still makes me shutdown by hitting Restart and when Windows exits, holding the power button on the box. Shutdown is borked by something in its background stuff. I tried putting a semi-colon in front of all their stuff in the Run and Run Services but something besides those things causes the monitor to lose itself on shutdown (but not on restart, weird). So I put back all the NVidia stuff. Might as well have the fancy tools since it doesn't make a difference.

I tried an older Via Hyperion 4-in-1 4.56v on my machine. The newer ones had given me some troubles the last time. This nicely installed all those IRQ Routing things that the newer ones just don't have included. I haven't checked System Information yet but I hope I get less registry errors reported in ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering devices. No errors in Device Manager and all the hardware and drivers work so we'll see. NVidia shows AGP 8X, which was a problem with the newer Hyperion Pro's too (showing 0X). I always needed to install the Windows 95 VXD folder's AGP vxd driver to get full AGP speed with the newer driver packages. Still, I haven't run DxDiag yet so I'll see if the AGP Textures are active. If not, I'll start extracting the 4-in-1 package and get those vxd's installed. That Via AGPGART.sys never cut it for me in the past, but maybe I've gone back far enough before they crippled 9x AGP, setting them to PCI Bus speeds for "stability" reasons. I can't go too far back since it's a KT880 and the real older ones (fondly remembers 4.38) just don't work with the chipset properly.

I could install the Via USB 2.0 drivers since they always worked for me, but I suppose NUSB offers more so I'll go with those. I think they're really just the Via USB PLUS according to a thread I saw comparing them. I'm waiting to get 98SE2ME on here before installing my USB devices and the drivers for it.

I just hope the installation all gets done smoothly. I've had better success recently doing it in VMWare than on my actual hard drive, so we'll see how it goes. I've got internet and ZoneAlarm is doing its job. Windows Media Player starts. The Creative stuff opens and works even after updating all of it. Cthelper did its usual crash once, but that's actually normal. Pretty good so far.

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i tested this with the flash and shockwaveplayers

i tested 10.2.22 /23 and newest 10.3.024 all crashed ie 6 on this sites



so i deleted all of that crap and install (download http://filehippo.com/download/e8bb6156e34b...b7/downloadhere )

and i works good so i think this is the latest tested with win 98

newer versions are buggy with win 98 / ie 6

the flashplayer 9.0.115 sems to be ok must more testing

i intall win 98 new +drivers +AP Full Dez. (without IE 6 and Java and the buggy scr569x) +IE 6 +Mdie6cu 1.7

so i have no scripting problems any more and i runs not bad

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Thanks for the status report, barbarien. I've downloaded that Shockwave and perhaps will try it. Java I will install, as I've heard the latest does work fine on 98SE. And since I've already got the buggy scripting updates, hopefully someone will come up with a way to work around the problem or new versions to fix it.

I'll keep checking that other sticky with all the latest updates in hopes that something will show up dealing with the scripting bug.

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Can someone please point me at the id***'s guide for selecting which items are installed and which are not?

I tried the December 07 release on a couple of machines that are not mission critical, and had very well behaved responses from them. So I applied it to my main machine, and it didn't like a couple of things, in particular it didn't like the Maximus Decim USB stack. This is no criticism of Soporific for the excellent package that he has put together, just that my machine doesn't like it. Oh well, there is no accounting for this PC's taste!

What I now need to ensure is that the same packages are not re-installed on the next update. Which is the file to edit, and what is the syntax, please?

Many thanks,


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I tested another Site that wont load the Applets before


and now with older Shockwave it runs like a charme the newer versions are definitivly buggy for Win 98

one Problem is when i booting up an Applet tells me a newer Version of Shockwave is available must figure out how to disable that.

I found that

Shockwave player updated to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Macromedia\Shockwave 10\AutoUpdate

change the value default from "y" to "n"

For Version History see there


so the only thing that i now found in AP is the scripting bug from Scr569x the official 917344 works good so what does this unoffical update ? is it necessary ? i think no !!!!! problem is you cant select this seperatly in AP Installroutine must disable the hole Optional Windows Components module this a very bad thing

and the Updates Service 9x , Tools9x , TTFpack ,2 to 4 Digit Tool ,HHupd looped i tested this twice but i installed this by Hand with no Problems so the Installroutine is buggy for me in AP Dez. Full

other little buggy Tool in AP is Infrarecorder see there http://infrarecorder.sourceforge.net/?p=33#comments

i suggest to replaced this with Deep Burner free 1.8.224 or wait for some upgrades

i prefer the old version of Nero for Win 98 Se i had Problems with newer 6.xxx Versions

Edited by barbarien
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he soporific why you not use SCR579X from mdgx ???????

jscript .dll download here http://www.mdgx.com/files/SCR579X.EXE

people with scripting bugs can load this to test it out whats happend to the scripting error

maybe also this version is buggy but must tested out i installed it and until now i have no errors

discussion see there


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