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Sygate Silent Install with personal settings

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I run Sygate Personal Firewall Pro 5.1 1615c. Adding a silent install of the application to my Xp cd wont be too difficault, i plan to use the modied setup.iss method. But i was hoping that there was a way that i could incorperate my set rules to allow or bloack partictular apps and services? I have built up quite a rule list and i am wondering how i can expot it, or if there is a particular file that i can copy?

Further what is the nessary code reccomended to add to the batch?

Thankx much!


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I'm wondering about this too, does anyone have any idea?

I'd like al the programs which are installed unattended to be pre-configured so I don't need to allow every specific program.

But haven't got a clue how automatically to import the rules..

I can do it manually through Advanced Rules and a *.sar file, but I'd like to know how I can do this automatically :)

Or can I just copy the *.dat files or something?

(Or if anyone knows a firewall where you can easily import the rules... I'm open for suggestions)

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I failed trying to export&import my rulesset using sygate (and i tried REALLY hard tofind a solution, if i remember correctly i found a FW-comparison saying it is not possible at all?!)- thats one of the reasons i switched to Agnitum Outpost. There i can store my config file on a separate partition, install Outpost silently (using an AutoIT script, thats the disadvantage) and point to the config file by running a reg file that changes the default path (if im not wrong with the last part)... The other reasons why i use Outpost is b/c of the incredible good Adfilter....

Update: http://www.agnitum.com/php_scripts/compare2.php

Referring to: Can switch between different configurations — Ability to create different configurations for you and your family or colleagues, even if you use the same Windows profile.

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I have been doing it successfully for more than a year. Here is my procedure:

-Install Sygate as you would

-Run as many programs which access internet and make the rules

-If possible try to stop the smc service or boot in another windows

-Dig into the %programfiles%\sygate\spf and copy the files














-When making a uacd, run sygate silently using /QN Reboot=Supress

-copy all the files listed above into sygate\spf\*.* using some bat/cmd or winrar executable file

-Your settings are restored, but ntos*.exe may have to be refingerprinted.

(List of files may include more than required files, but that really doesn't matter as the files are small sized after compression)


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One more thing simply enough get the list of the files in sygate directory which are modified last and make a copy of all. These are the same very files listed in the earlier post.

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i have been looking for this for a long time... and with trial and error i managed to firgure it out last night...

follow these step...

1. admin install SPF (SPF.exe /a)

2. copy all of your current .dat and .xml files to X:\Program Files\Sygate\SPF

3. whenever you want to install again, run x:\WIS1B8303C449BA4722A83DCBEE4244C07B_5_5_2516.MSI /qn

lamer note: X: represents where you extracted (admin-installed) SPF. :)

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