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The Great Unattended Project


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Unattended Applications Downloader and Installer

What is TGUP?

The Solution for Windows Silent Software Installation.

The Great Unattended Project - TGUP is an Online Unattended Installer that downloads and installs latest versions of commonly-used freeware silently in sequence and sorts them into the startmenu.

Official Project Site for Download and more info:



Just run it. And choose whether to Download and Install or create Silent Installers for Offline Installation

TGUP checks if you have the latest versions installed.

Select the Apps you wish from a friendly GUI with App descriptions or preselect the Apps by advanced switches.

I called it The Great Unattended Project. TGUP :)

Compatible with: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32 x64

Screenshots: http://tgup.net/index.php/screenshots

Download TGUP

Please Feedback after testing.


Islam Adel

The following Applications can be installed by TGUP:


New: The TGUP Repository contains many offline silent installers created by TGUP.

Here are some of them:

7-zip 4.65 Silent Setup

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.2 Silent Setup

Adobe Flash Player Silent Setup

AVG Free 9.0 Silent Setup

Autoruns 9.56 Silent Setup

BitComet 1.15 Silent Setup

CCleaner_2.25.0.1025 Silent Setup

Firefox 3.5.5 Silent Setup

Google Earth 5.0.11733.9347 Silent Setup

ImgBurn Silent Setup

InfraRecorder 0.50 Silent Setup

Internet Explorer 8 Silent Setup

IrfanView 4.2.5 Silent Setup

iTunes 9.0.2 Silent Setup

Java 6.0.170 Silent Setup

K-Lite Codec Pack 5.4.4 Silent Setup

Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 12 Silent Setup

Nero StartSmart 9.4.12 Silent Setup

Notepad++ 5.5.1 Silent Setup

Opera 10.01 Silent Setup

Picasa Silent Setup

Process Explorer 11.33 Silent Setup

Process Monitor 2.8 Silent Setup

RealPlayer Silent Setup

QuickTime Silent Setup

Skype Silent Setup

TeamViewer 4.1.6911 Silent Setup

Thunderbird Silent Setup

Tweak DisableAutoRun Silent Setup

VLC 1.0.3 Silent Setup

Unlocker 1.8.8 Silent Setup

Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8089.726 Silent Setup

if u need other languages just tell me

Feedback + App Requests

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Okay, before I download something that openly advertises that it'll download and install stuff from the Internet, a little more info would be helpful. The site you point to is just the download location and doesn't provide any information.

What exactly is this going to do? What apps will it download? What is that executable that you're posting? Is it an archive of your files or the downloader/installer itself?

This sounds cool, but before I touch it I need to know what to expect.

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Hello again,

Sorry didnt't have time to write a documentation.

so when you run the executable file:

1. it will extract its contens ( which are a batch script, wihu.exe and other usefull batch commands) to the temp directory.

you can extract the contens anywhere with WinRAR or so and see the complete source

2. It will begin downloading all category folders (eg. 0_System, 1_ Graphics,..) found in the "installers" folder on the server and all batch files (with extensions cmd) within these categories.

so it is NOT installing anything yet !!

This is the way how i kept it easy to update, just by uploading the new application batch file for in the right category folder

3. Now the program will begin to check if these programs are installed already on your computer.

for example if "Firefox.cmd" has been downloded, then TGUP checks if "Firefox" is installed on your System.

if it is not installed then it will be set to selected=1 for WIHU.

The "installer.ini" of WIHU is now completely built.

4. Now WIHU starts with an autoinstall counter (30 sec.)

you still have the option to select or deselect manually the applications.

as soon as u interact with changing selections the counter stops.

otherwise it will begin running the applications batches one by one.

5. The Application batches are set to download the program from the server and install it silently to a Submenu named as the category in the startmenu folder.

for example "Firefox" will be found under the Submenu "Internet" in the Startmenu.

PS: CleanUp is not a program, it will just empty yout temp again after the installation is finished.

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Of Coure the whole thing works only with Internet Connection.

If no Internet Connection is available. the program exits with no Connection Error.

The advantage of this method, is that you always get the latest versions.

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Quick question here,

Is there any way to use your own install sources

Eg. I setup my own Web server on my local network and for the program to download from that server instead.

Extract the tgup.exe installer with an archiving prog. like WinRar.

there you will find a file called "wihu.cmd", where can change the variable %SRVR% with your own by keeping the same folder structure.

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Using version 0013, the installation failed at the stage of downloading files. For example, I know that the firefox.cmd starts running since the down/ffox folder is created. But nothing is actually downloaded so that the wihu window shows an error message about firefox not installed. The install.ini file is also created correctly since obviously firefox.cmd command is called by wihu.

However, when manually running firefox.cmd file, the download and installation are able to finish without problem. Any insights about this problem?

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the one thing i dont really get is for what do i need a

unattended install with a inet con???

i usually use unattended for installling the OS with all

the progys i need in ONE sweep.

wich would also mean my machine is open to attack!!

and i dont want that!!

would be great if people could get all the needed files for the

progs they want to install unattended so they could create an unattended

install disc wich they can use offline.

but anyhow nice job m8

und grüsse aus gross-gerau nach darmstadt :hello:

nur nich zu viel studieren :w00t:

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Wow :thumbup:whistle:

Work perfect do more apllcatons please


how you can write here some gude will very good and more pepole wil glad for you

moby you can change PDFCreator for english version

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