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Hi guys!

I'm italian people and i've a question for you about the wonderful program WPI :)

Is there a way to auto input the serial for the programs like Office etc.?

Why when i start the program a windows show me this message?

"This 'useroptions.js' file is not a v5.0 compatible file.

Delete the file and start WPI again."

But this file does not exist.

Sorry for my bad english :(


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we'll i'm not that sure that office would allow you to integrate the serial from WPI, with other words it depends on the application you're trying to install

ex. for nero you could do /SN=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx /WRITE_SN

and the serial will be applied automatically, but as for office i've got no idea

when it comes to your second question:

the 'useroptions.js' file does exist in fact,

it's under the WPIScripts folder, but why dont you have a look and be sure that youve got the latest version of WPI,

you mentioned "its not compatible with version 5.0"

last version of WPI is 5.1 so why not get the last one then ?

hope it helps a bit

this is some brief instructions on answering your curiosity my dear italian fellow

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for most 'well-behaved' programs there should be a way to do a so called unattended installation, so that it could be installed without any useraction. Maybe you want to take a look at http://www.msfn.org/board, there you will find tons of information about unattended installs.

If your program does not support a commandline option for passing the serial, maybe you can apply a .mst file (works for Microsoft installer files) which has the options included (but that's only an option, if your experienced in programing and have something like Wise Package Studio).

Another way would be to write an AutoIt script which will feed your program all needed input :)

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Office 2003 has an .ini file that allows you to auto-insert the serial number, thus allowing an unattended install. I don't have the file at my current location, but I think it is called system.ini in the Office 2003 package.

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