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  1. Thanks for your fast response! Where can I download the fixed version (the link below your posting doesn't work) ?
  2. Hi, after having some time to improve my installations I found a small problem with the clone feature: After having cloned an item for two or more times and editing them to reflect the changes I often end up with two identical entries, the original entry changing to the changes made to the clone. Is there someone who can confirm this behaviour? Greetings from Germany
  3. Hi, just another thought about categories. What about sub-categories? It would be nice to have a way of showing one major entry for a whole bunch of subitems, which will only show up, when the major item is selected. It would be useful for installations not needed often, but if needed, then more than one out of this group would be needed. Maybe an example will make this more easy to explain: Sometimes I would like to setup one of my machines so that it could be used for repackaging and programming, so I need a lot of progs for that : Wise, Orca, AutoIt, Compilers, HTML editors, Webtools etc.
  4. Hi, just a question, I installed the new version and it stated 'wrong version' for some themes. I didn't find any reference about another change in the themes from 5.4 to 5.5, so that might be a minor problem to be fixed easily? Thanx to all of you for the great work you're giving to us, and the endless hours of coding you're donating to the community!
  5. Hi, that looks very promising :-) The USSF feature is really neat, thanx al lot for that! One thing seems a bit strange about the behaviour on my machine, you wrote you have builtin a feature to hide the configuration buttons when started from CD. That works almost to good for me, when testing it on my VMWare There only the installation button shows up, even when disconnecting the CD image, on my real machine it works fine as expected. Maybe you could include some sort of overwrite switch for VMWare ?
  6. Hi, what I would find useful would be an option in the configuration screen to clone an entry, not only to add a new one. It would make it easy to create several similar entries without having to use an editor on the config.js Something else, I don't know who wrote the tool WPI config lister in the tools folder, but it would be nice, if that could handle entries > 999 withou error so I could sort my programs with a bit more flexibility. Thanx a lot for your great work !
  7. Hi, for most 'well-behaved' programs there should be a way to do a so called unattended installation, so that it could be installed without any useraction. Maybe you want to take a look at http://www.msfn.org/board, there you will find tons of information about unattended installs. If your program does not support a commandline option for passing the serial, maybe you can apply a .mst file (works for Microsoft installer files) which has the options included (but that's only an option, if your experienced in programing and have something like Wise Package Studio). Another way would be to write
  8. AFAIK your apps get installed following the sequenz number and if there are two or more apps with the same number only one of them gets installed. Thats for sure :-) I only posted my suggestion for CS2 cause I recently had to create a silent install for it, and I needed the logs to find out why my install did not alway work (part of it was about spawning some other msi installs and the master msi closed while the childs were still running) ok, thats beyond my scope, thats the domain of kel or mritter I think ;-)
  9. Hi, glad you asked I'm busy right now to get all of my installs a bit more consistent, so I decided to use the cond and gcond directives. Here is what I planed so far: greyed if app is already installed on my disk. Cond to those apps visible only if the file is on DVD (my project is pretty big by now, so I have to use 2 DVDs or one doublelayer disk) ans I only want to see those apps which are on the current disk. prog[pn]=['Nero 7.0.82 Premium'] uid[pn]=['NERO7082'] excl[pn]=['NERO66','NEROVISION31016'] picf[pn]=['nero.png'] picw[pn]=['128'] pich[pn]=['128'] desc[pn]=['Nero Brennersoftwa
  10. Hi, that looks like a message from spybot resident, this prog checks running processes, and the mshta uses up a lot resources running
  11. Hi, you wrote it only occures if you are installing a lot of apps, maybe you should check if another app has the same sequence number, then only one of your apps with this number will be installed (made this mistake myself some time ago). What version of Photoshop do you try to install, CS2? Then you could e.g. pass commandline option (/l*v "C:\tmp\cs.log") to the MSI (not the setup.exe), that will show you information about the install process for CS2 (sure only if it's started ). I've some apps, that behave a bit whimpsy depending on the installation order, cause maybe one app installed b
  12. Hi, I got the same problem with VMWare, just resolved it with a small AutoIt script which checks if the resolution change was successful. It checks various resolutions, refreshrates and colordepth. You can remove those you'll never need easily screen.au3
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