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Windows 98 + ME *still* alive campaign + logos


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Anybody else wants to join in?

Please post here links to the forums, sites, bloggs etc where you posted the message.

Here is my post at OCWForums: :hello:


Any ideas how to improve the "spread-the-word" message?


A thread where all new Intel "Conroe"/AMD AM2 boards with Windows 98SE drivers are listed!

Thanks, Roman

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Looks like they may have delete d my post

I posted again


they deleted mine too i think. its giving me the exact same error again.


Looks like they may have delete d my post

I posted again


Some admins do not like too many links to other forums ... :no:

Regards, Roman

that makes sense, but we all know MSFN is the best :P

edit : yah, they did delete :realmad:

Edited by Cygnus
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Count me in on some french boards as soon as I have some time.

Also, I think kernel updates and maybe visual changes should be more visible. I mean this weird project makes you curious so you read the rest of the links (which are also really nice, I'm not saying they're not)

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I think big fans of Windows 9x should team up and make serive packs and tweak tools For the OS's kind of like

an open source project.Make a software and add a plugin cabability and send into the internet.Anyone who gives a heck should create little addons to make it bigger and better.Everyone is so focused into donation.

Instead of one Group creating SP's for WIn9x everyone who wants to could,thus cutting down costst to a possible

$0!!!!...Its Just an Idea and might not be a good one

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I would be more than happy to support Windows 98 SE,you see my PC is good but my Video Card is only good for 800x600 Resolution so Windows XP is out.But I like Windows 98 Se,its fast and clean.I will do what ever I can to help Windows 9x Systems live on to the next 10 years tops.As long as there are some kind of patches and fixes,windows 98 is very powerfull :thumbup

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Top post updated 7-17-2006.

Please take a look:



These are the most popular 98/ME forums I know of [not counting MSFN ;)]:

Neowin Windows 95/98/ME Forum:


Annoyances Windows 98 Discussion Forum:


Annoyances Windows ME Discussion Forum:


Computing Windows 95/98 message area:


Computing Windows ME message area:


Tech Support Guy Windows 95/98/ME Forums:


CyberTechHelp Windows 98 Support Forum:


Geeks To Go Windows 95/98/ME Forums:


WinXPcentral Windows 98 Forum:


WUGNET Windows 98 Forum:


WUGNET Windows ME Forum:


Tek-Tips Windows 95/98 Forum:


Windows BBS Windows 98 Forum:


Windows BBS Windows ME Forum:


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well, i think that 98SE is going to keep living for a long time. i give it maybe 5 more years before the people still running it now start to consider a new computer, and maybe 10 years before we can lay 98 to rest. its a good operating system, just in 10 years time its going to be fairly old the internet might not even be the same by then. who knows :}

we'll wait till then, till then lets keep 98 alive ;)

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Gimme an available domain name (preferably an .ORG) and I'll register it and post contributed info.

I'll make sure it gets indexed by the spiders!

Suggestions: WIN98MELRULES.ORG, or WIN98ME$4VER.ORG or something like that?


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