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Can an external USB device effect BIOS?


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i've been having a horrible problem lately with my laptop freezing during BIOS.

But everytime I ran a hardware diognostic, everything passed the test. I happened to notice by chance, that when my "Microsoft comfort keyboard" plugged in the USB port, the laptop would freeze during BIOS....

but, when it's not plugged in, the computer boots up smoothly.

would this external device have an effect? or is this a coincidence? i tried it three times with, and three without, and the results were always the same...

with the keyboard, it freezes.

without, it boots up smooth.

is there a way to run a diagnostic on the external keyboard?

thanks alot guys.... i'm at a loss here.

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yeah, ripkin_

there are three others... but it's all the same story.

there is more to the story too. this is the second laptop i've had. the first one, i didn't realize that the keyboard was the issue. the tech guys (via my warruntee) decided to replace the motherboard the first time.... this, of course, didn't fix the problem. then, they replaced the optical drive... still, BIOS problems. then, the motherboard again.

finally, they gave me a new computer. now, i'm realizing we were all duped. and that first laptop was fine. here i spent lots of cash, and feel like a sucker.

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