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Telephone repairman


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A telephone man joined the Army. As part of his basic training, he went out on the rifle range. He fired 99 shots at the target, and missed the target with every shot! His Drill Instructor tried to find out why.

"What's the matter with you?" asked the DI. "Why can't you hit the target? What were you in civilian life?"

"I was a telephone man," replied the new recruit, "and I don't know why I can't hit the target. Let me see..."

The telephone man looked in the chamber of his weapon. Then he checked the chamber again...and a third time. He then put his finger in front of the muzzle, pulled the trigger, and blew his fingertip off!

"Well," the phone man said, writhing in pain, "the bullets leave my end just fine. The trouble must be at the other end!"

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