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Renaming dlls on windows ME


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I am not too much a SFP specialist as it is removed from my ME system, but yes, in principle, System File Protection prevents changes to protected files.

What do you exactly need to do ?

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Assuming odbcjt32.dll is located in the folder c:\windows\system, and further assuming that you have copied the new file to c:\windows\temp, do the following:

Using NOTEPAD, open the file c:\windows\wininit.ini

Add the following two lines:



Restart WinME

HTH - Andreas

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Windows ME runs on a base DOS structure.

There is NO file you can't delete or rename from the DOS prompt when you boot up with a DOS boot disk.

That's the pure Beauty of a FAT-32 formatted HD. Every file on that HD is easily accessable, in DOS.

Want a great ME boot disk?

Download wnMEboot.exe


Run the file and it will create an ME boot disk for you.

With it, you can set up a new hard drive or do repair on an existing drive.

I created this disk as a technicians repair tool. Give it a look. :thumbup

Good Luck,


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