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v1.0 RC8 Beta4 will have support for the new DriverPacks.


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There have been complications with a pinched nerve in my neck that have caused me to have to postpone coding Beta4. :( Sorry for the delay everyone. As soon as I can get well enough to be able to sit at the computer long enough I will put something together.

I have been getting cervical injections in my neck for the past month and I am currently at the second out of 3 shots. The second shot had complications where the hole did not seal properly which is causeing me extreme headaces and nausia when I sit or stand for more than a few mins. :(

It isn't as serious as it sounds and it will be fixed hopefully tommorrow... but it hurts like hell! :unsure:

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I'm starting to feel better. I actually did some coding for the RVMIntegrator today. So I should get a chance to start coding beta4 of the powerpacker soon. :)

Thanks for being patient! :D

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