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Symantec AntiVirus and CMDOW.exe

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Anyone using Symantec or Norton antivirus is probably aware that as of mid May, the AVDEFs now consider the cmdow.exe program a Hacking tool, and automatically quarantine the cmdow.exe file.

This poses a problem in that it always removes it from my CD/DVD source which was easily fixed by making a simple file/folder exclusion within the Symantec AntiVirus Client program. However, during an actual OS installation... once Symantec AntiVirus is installed, any future programs that call cmdow.exe to hide the cmd window for silent installation will not work as intended because SAV does its job in quarantining the cmdow program.

Is there any way to automate via a cfg file or a registry key, the exclusion of a file (in this case C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\cmdow.exe) immediately after SAV is installed so that future installs which use cmdow wont pop up with a virus detection from SAV?

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Norton/Symantec (nono)

The tech shop I did my workterm, there were probably a dozen PCs that had Symantec/Norton. The ones that we didn't end up replacing with AVG, had to have most of the "extra" Services stopped and either set to manul or disabled because they just slowed the computers to a crawl. I rememeber one computer in particular I was working on, it took the PC 2 minutes to do the simplest things. Once I got rid of Norton/Symantec, it was a race horse.

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hi guys, i just experienced this problem today, i had no idea of this my problem is that my firm is all Symantecs so to say don't use it is not a valid fix. Why is this now considered a hacktool? and what will happen if i remove the cmdow.exe from doing any other install???

any help will be appreciated.



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