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I got a win98 computer that was donated i would like to know what kinda of video card it came with. Any program will tell me that along with other info?


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Or rip out the video card and look on the main chip, and if it has a cooler on it you could remove it or check the text on the PCB (Print). If the drivers are not installed (well) then programs can´t detect it most of the time ;).

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A video card for Win98... yeah I doubt it has a cooler on it. I also doubt that he won't take you seriously on the "rip" part. :P

Start > Run > dxdiag

Yeah, I guess it's sad when most of us tell you about 3rd party programs when there's a simple little tool built into Windows. Sorry, we're all used to XP these days, which has more bloat than an obese whale.

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