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For The Windows XP PowerPacker Fans!

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I need your help to make the Windows XP PowerPacker project stronger! :D

Here are some small banners that are perfect for your signatures at any forum. If you like the program and you can't afford to make a small donation it would help me just as much to at least see that my work is appreciated. Lead other people to the program and let them know how helpful it has been for you.

This project has been a long and hard project. It has taken a long time and a lot of coding to get to where it is now and there are still a lot of plans for it's future. Help keep me motivated on it. Sometimes I get a little burned out on it because I wonder if people still enjoy it or not. So get me motivated again! :thumbup

Thanks to XPero and WolfX2

Here are the banners and the code to put in your signatures:

siginetsig1ce.png Graphic By: XPero


powerpackerblue1qv.png Graphic By: WolfX2


powerpackergreen4vl.png Graphic By: WolfX2


powerpackerred4ic.png Graphic By: WolfX2


powerpackeryellow3pi.png Graphic By: WolfX2


powerpackergreen25wv.png Graphic By: WolfX2


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