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SecureDVD - 10 Distro's Live DVD


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SecureDVD is a multi-boot DVD with the 10 best Security related Linux distributions.

The list was made by Darknet Security Group.


1.) Backtrack

2.) Operator


4.) Auditor

5.) Local Area Security Linux (LAS)

6.) Knoppix-STD

7.) Helix

8.) FIRE

9.) nUbuntu



You can download the .torrent file here. No direct download available.

If you download it, seed it for a while.

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Yeah. I was actually reading the comments now.

According to their site (SecureDVD), there is a problem with the Torrent. I will try again tomorrow.

I will also make this available to direct download for 2 or 3 days.

I really want to have this DVD on my collection. This is a must-have.

Update: I'm downloading at ~30KBs.

Update 2: ~140KBs :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

i just added this 2 seconds ago, and seeing 10.975 copies of it....so you shouldn't have any trouble completing it.

edit: completed it last night. downloaded it at full speed the whole time. it's very well seeded.

Edited by Ophiel X
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  • 1 year later...

I just added it to my downloads.

I'm trying do get this, like you all.

Downloading is not more than 10Kb/s (Seeders: 7)

My connection is fine: 2mpbs (~235MB/s). :thumbup

I have no idea on how to get this better.

If I have to stay connected for a month, that's ok.

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