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N-Lite Plugin Creator v1.3.0 RC2 Updated 30/Sep/2006


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Version 1.2.1 Patch Change Log

-Fixed issue with creating single file SFX archives.


On creation of a single (not multiple file) SFX plug-in archive the ENTRIES_ ini file tried to execute the single file and not the SFX archive.

-Replaced low resolution windows 98/ME/2K icon with a high resolution windows XP icon

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Version 1.2.2 RC2 Change Log

Released 30th August 2006

- Fixed issue with starting NLPC application.


NLPC had an issue and did not allow the user access NLPC if nLite was not installed or version 1.0.1 or grater was not installed on your system.

You now have the option to run NLPC regardless of nLite not installed on your system or you have a version down to 1.0.1 (NOTE Plugins created with NLPC v1.2.0 RC2 or grater only work on nLite version 1.0.1 or grater)

- Fixed issue with application blinking


On execution of the create command NLPC blinked this is due to external run commands executed within the NLPC code. This issue has been solved.

Download Patch 197kb

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Version 1.3.0 RC2 Update Patch

30 September 2006

Change Log

- Cleaned up top menus.

- Removed nLite version 1.0.1 + detection. (Was annoying) :no:

- NLPC now opens and reads .nlp (NLPC Plugin Information) files from the Windows Explorer.

- Modified Ricktendo64 open folder from Windows Explorer. NLPC will now get the file content of the selected directory.

Download NLPCv1.3.0-Update-30-9-06.exe 199kb

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The answer: it has been discontinued. And yet, tantalizingly, he (?) seems to be working on a new version.


As much as I like NLAOM, NLPC was a nice alternative to have sometimes, it was a little easier to see the contents of the addons.

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