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  1. There are few ways to silently install or execute files on a bulk level from Windows. You could use batch files, or utilize Microsoft Windows RunOnceEx, but this involves programming to a small extent. Wouldn't it be easier to input your file names into a text file and have an application automatically execute/run them for you? No programming skills required! This is why I have developed Auto File Execute (AFEx). Download AFEx.exe 325k (Help file included) Download AFEx.rar 209k
  2. Indeed you are right. The Manifest is just an XML file but you also need a .bas file to add to your vb6 projects. Also this app will create a .res file to add to you vb6 apps so that there would be no need to have a Manifest file in the same directory as the executable application. The resign for the huge sized help file is because I have added 18 jpg pictures. I’m also sorry if this help file does not meet your requirements Many Thanks Egg.
  3. VB6MRC Version 1.0.0 28 October 2006 This little app is for users who code with VB6. VB6MRC will create the manifest files so that your VB applications are viewed with Windows XP Style Themes instead of the old drab looking Windows 98 looking style Download ManifestApp.exe 192kb Download Help.chm 1.3mb Download The Installer From Freewarefiles.com 1.45mb Any Questions? just ask Egg
  4. Version 1.3.0 RC2 Update Patch 30 September 2006 Change Log - Cleaned up top menus. - Removed nLite version 1.0.1 + detection. (Was annoying) - NLPC now opens and reads .nlp (NLPC Plugin Information) files from the Windows Explorer. - Modified Ricktendo64 open folder from Windows Explorer. NLPC will now get the file content of the selected directory. Download NLPCv1.3.0-Update-30-9-06.exe 199kb
  5. Version 1.2.2 RC2 Change Log Released 30th August 2006 - Fixed issue with starting NLPC application. (Issue) NLPC had an issue and did not allow the user access NLPC if nLite was not installed or version 1.0.1 or grater was not installed on your system. You now have the option to run NLPC regardless of nLite not installed on your system or you have a version down to 1.0.1 (NOTE Plugins created with NLPC v1.2.0 RC2 or grater only work on nLite version 1.0.1 or grater) - Fixed issue with application blinking (Issue) On execution of the create command NLPC blinked this is due to external run commands executed within the NLPC code. This issue has been solved. Download Patch 197kb
  6. Version 1.2.1 Patch Change Log -Fixed issue with creating single file SFX archives. (Issue) On creation of a single (not multiple file) SFX plug-in archive the ENTRIES_ ini file tried to execute the single file and not the SFX archive. -Replaced low resolution windows 98/ME/2K icon with a high resolution windows XP icon
  7. The Official NLPC Forum is now open so please visit. http://s8.createphpbb.com/jybesystems/
  8. Ok I will look into it. This will be for a future version of NLPC. Ive just span out it is the 30th WTF he he sorry guys
  9. N-Lite Plugin Creator Change Log Version 1.2.0 RC2 Added ZIP, 7Z compression methods. Added a better Folder & File Select dialog (this wll now revert back to the last directory that was selected). Added selected file information dialog. Added the ability to create stand alone 7Zip SFX archives (self extracting, self installing archives). Added the ability to view the plugin source. This will create an output directory of you're plugin so you can view, inspect and test you're plugin. Removed CABARC. You cannot create .CAB files now. Added AutoFileExecute.exe. This file will automatically execute multiple files without user interaction. you can now press the return button as well as double click in the file boxes. I have made a couple of changes to the UI, nothing to drastic. Download 723kb NLPC Forum NLPC v1.2.0 RC2 Plug-In HD5 61B179FFC0926F26100022FE4540D1BA works with nLite and RVM Intergrator SCREEN SHOTS Select "No Archive" to view source files. This does not create a plugin Select "SFX" to create a stand alone SFX archive or a SFX plugin
  10. Thank you for the support. I’m also incorporating into NLPC an option for SFX creation. Useful for creating stand alone auto installing applications.
  11. Does any one know of any free RAR command line archiving tools ?
  12. Yep will will beable to do this in the next version. I am workin on it now
  13. im workin on it boyO. Cheers To every one Send all your switchs to me I will then implement these into the NLPC switch database. For example Title = Winrar Version = 3.5 Switch = /S Thank you Egg Send to eggster2002@supanet.com with the subject NLPC Switches
  14. Let me start by saying this is a cool programCan you make nlpc make Silent Switch Installers like nlaom (nlaom switch database needs serius work) I love this cuz i can test if the addon will work or not without having to use the command prompt, just by uncompressing it and running the EXE file. Once again Thank You And here is an ava u can use that suits ur name NLPC can make “Silent Switch Installers” just select the 7-ZIP method on the compression method drop down combo list. Once created unpack the saved .cab file and in the SVCPACK directory you will have your “Silent Switch Installer” Cheers Egg.
  15. N-Lite Plugin Creator Version 1.1.0 RC1 Noticeable defects! For some resign NLPC plugins will not work on nLite Version 1.0.1 Final this is down to CABARC and the way it creates .CAB plugin files for NLPC. NLPC plugins will still work on nLite Version 1.0.0 Final though. Due to this I will be completely scrapping CABARC from the next version of NLPC as nLite now supports .ZIP .7Z .RAR type archives as well as .CAB type archives. I will also be implementing some other nifty features into the next version of NLPC; these features will be published in the next few weeks. As always if you have a problem, Suggestion or what ever just let me know. I’m always hear Cheers people Alex. ps hears a sneaky peek at the tweaked UI
  16. N-Lite Plugin Creator v1.1.0 RC1 12 July 2006 Changes Added custom language support (This means you can create you own language file for NLPC (Edit the nlpclan.npc file located in the application path) Added support for automated registry adding of .reg files. (.reg file will be inputted into the registry automatically during the windows installation process) Added a “Clear” form button to easily clear all form content when needed. NLPC Now logs the plugin creation process. Tweaked UI and improved code. Download 769kb
  17. Grate work this will make plug in creation mutch easer.
  18. Hello All This mod will automatically register .reg files during the windows installation process. To add .reg files just use NLPC as you would normally, by selecting the files you want via the file list. You need to select the "*.reg" from the extension combo box. any probs let me know. MrEgg Download Now 156k Link Fixed
  19. To make your own NLPC Language file, copy the code below into a blank text file. Fill in your translation and save the text file as "nlpclan.npc" for example C:\ProgramFiles\N-Lite Plugin Creator\nlpclan.npc [English] 1.) Select Directory 2.) Select And Add Files 3.) Enter Plugin Information 4.) Select Compression Method 5.) Create Plugin Title: Description: Language: Version: Website: Database Options Save Plugin Information Load Plugin Information Exit You cannot enter the same file twice Plugin Created Successfully Edit Database Entries Add To Database 1.) Title And Version 2.) Switch Syntax Edit Syntax Remove Exporting Database Export Database Open NLPC Database Close Select Unattended Switch Select Setup Type Select Switch Syntax Optional: Switch Syntax Compression Method Create OK Submit Switch Database Application Database
  20. N-LIte Plugin Creator Version 1.0.3 Beta 4 Download Patch 150k (Auto Installing Archive) Change Log 29 June 2006 < Multiple Language > I have enabled NLPC to read lines from a file named "nlpclan.npc" Located in the application path. This file contains all the required caption fields for NLPC. You can edit this file to whatever language you want. < Note > I will not be distributing a multiple language file as I am not flowant in every Language there is. In other words you could edit this file to read an Abusive and Obscene language. You will have to translate the file and distribute it. I take no responsibility for any Abusive and or Obscene languages. < Other > I have done a few tweaks to the code. Thanks Alex alex@jybesystems.co.uk
  21. I have added a documentation to the installation of NLPC so if you click "start menu" on your desktop then mouse over "Programs" then mouse over "N-Lite Plugin Creator" you shell see a PDF documentation
  22. How is every one finding NLPC ? Do you think it is easy to use ? Or how would you like the NLPC UI to look ? Please feel free to post questions about NLPC in this forum. Thank you Mr Egg
  23. Yeah I have fixed the problem. Download NLPC and reinstall, sorry for any inconvenience Download Now To silently install N-Lite Plugin Creator use "/qb" for example "c:\nlpc.msi /qb"
  24. N-Lite Plugin Creator v1 Beta 4 Updated 25 June 2006 Download Version 1.0 Beta 4 953k (Documentation is also included)

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