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Apps install: RunOnceEx, kTool, WPI, WIHU, XPlode, which method ?

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The 'Ultimate' applications lists management tool!

>>New!<< Version 0.5.0

So many more features

So many less bloat ;)

This will allow you to:

- Maintain only one main list of progs and commands in a very convenient Excel spreadsheet that you can heavily customize.

- Export Progs Lists to be used with application installers (curently supported formats are RunOnceEx, kTool, WPI, WIHU and XPlode).


- The compressed size of the workbook went over the 150k limit per post. So I've just made a multi-volume rar archive.

- In order to get the full thing, just download the 2 parts of the file to the same location and double-click the 1st one.

1st Part: install0.5.0.part1.rar2nd Part: install0.5.0.part2.rar

Main New Features:

-Progs Lists Filtering,

-WPI exclusions & dependancies,

-WPI injection!

-Default selection for kTool, WPI & WIHU,

-Extended variables usage.

-Many rationalizations.

-Tuned for WPI v5.1!

To make the best use of all these features with kTool & WPI you may want the very last version of:

- kToolY1.1

- WPI v5.1

Full Changelog:

# Version Object Element Purpose Changes
29 0.5.0 Whole workbook Yellow Buttons add everywhere! Call the form from many more locations.
28 0.5.0 SETTINGS sheet Common Settings add feature kTool's DefaultProfile now applies also to WPI and WIHU: Items belonging to this profile (and only them) are automatically selected when the Post-installer starts.
27 0.5.0 SETTINGS sheet Default Values rem. feature this one had no use anymore and was poorly designed. Now we're free of it. Also renamed the 'Excel Data' to a more explicit 'Value Or Mapping'
26 0.5.0 Control Panel Delete files check add feature Add this option to clean the output folder from previous tries.
25 0.5.0 Whole workbook Organisation cosmetic Reorganised the system Datasheets: SETTINGS, OUTPUT, HELP & ABOUT. Put some link buttons on the form.
24 0.5.0 SETTINGS sheet Common Settings chge feature Updated the way 'ProgPath' is working.
23 0.5.0 Progs Lists Output file path add feature Both output file path & name can be stored in each prog list. And in a more natural location: in the path & file columns.
22 0.5.0 Control Panel Env. Variables add feature You can select one of 2 sets of variables for the output: 'install time' for the values that will be used during install time, and 'now' for debuging with actual values.
21 0.5.0 Progs Lists Env. Variables add feature Variables are no more defined in the prog lists but in a general list common to all Progs Lists. Variables can be used in some settings as well.
20 0.5.0 Control Panel OUTPUT Datasheet rem. feature Remove the Name textbox. If really needed, you can still change the name of the output sheet at the top of the main module.
19 0.5.0 OUTPUT sheet Radio options move feature the sheet to activate after writing the script is now defined in the outpsheet. Also a new option to remove the final message box.
18 0.5.0 OUTPUT sheet Comandline add feature 2 New buttons next to the command line textbox, to edit the output file or to run the command.
17 0.5.0 OUTPUT sheet Comandline rem. feature The command line is no more copied to the clipboard. You'll have to help yourself. (I was annoyed with my clipboard changing after exporting)
16 0.5.0 export_WPI WPI injection! add feature WPI Injection module. See the bottom of the Djé's Progs List for full explanations.
15 0.5.0 Progs Lists WPI excl & deps add feature Automatically find the progs mentionned in those fields
14 0.5.0 Progs Lists Manipulation add feature Only the visible (not hidden) rows and columns are exported (useful in combination with the filtering tools).
13 0.5.0 Progs Lists Filtering abilities add feature Progs Lists can now be filtered with AutoFilter and Advanced Filters. Filters are saved.
12 0.1.0 OUTPUT sheet Command line txtbox add feature A command line for launching the post-installer with the output file as an argument is now written both to the clipboard and to a txtbox in the OUTPUT sheet.
11 0.1.0 Progs Lists FilePath Metadata add feature Output is now directly written to an Output file, named from the "FileName" setting in the SETTINGS sheet, and in the Output "FilePath" specified in each Prog List.
10 0.1.0 SETTINGS sheet kToolY settings add feature (New kToolv1.1aY.1 required) kToolY options (those defined in '\config\config.ini') can now be customized in the SETTINGS sheet and be exported in the 'Config' section at the beginning of kTool.ini, overriding the values in '\config\config.ini'.
9 0.1.0 SETTINGS sheet WPI settings add feature WPI settings (those defined in 'useroptions.js', incl. the above 'AutoInstall') can now be customized in the SETTINGS sheet and be exported as js vars at the beginning of 'config.js', overriding the values in 'useroptions.js'
8 0.1.0 various VB various functions bug correction moved (double-)quoting of command strings from main to plugins for better handling of commands
7 0.1.0 SETTINGS sheet txtbox title didactic change the "Output data fields" txtbox title to 'Output settings & data fields' and milded the warning to allow users for some modifications
6 0.1.0 export_XPLODE Visual Basic Code bug correction XPLODE variable name syntax now replaced in arguments as well
5 0.1.0 SETTINGS sheet WIHU settings bug correction Mapped Excel 'Description' to 'helptext' & updated 'SplitterPos' to 40% in order to accomodate for it
4 0.1.0 SETTINGS sheet AutoInstall add feature changed the specific 'WIHU AutoInstall' setting to a GENERAL 'AutoInstall' setting
3 0.1.0 Workbook various places cosmetic standardized the color scheme + minor cosmetic or didactic changes
2 0.1.0 INFOS sheet didactic link to the msfn forum thread about this excel application
1 0.1.0 CHANGELOG didactic created this CHANGELOG DataSheet
0 0.0.1 Initial version

This may be for you if:

- [beginners] you successfully made your unattended XP CD but are now wondering which would be the best method for you to install apps.

- [Advanced users] you're already installing apps one way or another and would like to try other ways, but don't want to have to rewrite and maintain an apps list for each method.

- [Advanced users] you're already installing apps one way or another and would NOT like to try other ways, but still want to be able to store more data about your apps.

This may NOT be for you if:

- [beginners] You did not read the Unattended guide or TFM for the usage of the target installers (RunOnceEx, kTool, WPI, WIHU, XPlode).

- [beginners] You're still lost with basic RunOnceEx, even though you read the unattended guide. I would suggest a bit more learning before. For example reading even more detailed explanations about RunOnceEx and following the step-by-step procedure in this thread (be sure to read all my verbose posts ;) ).

- [Advanced users] You want to make use of the very advanced features of a specific installer. Although care have been took to make use of the maximum number of features, this prog is, by design, a trade off between different formats and their underlying philosophies. Improvement suggestions welcome, tho.

This is an Excel file (.xls) containing:

- Sample lists of applications for use by beginners and advanced users.

- Detailled explanations (in english) for all features.

- VBA form and modules for running the app.

- VBA modules (plugins) for output to each installer format. New format plugins can easily be added.


- I'm sorry but you'll need to have Excel installed to run this app. This is a trade off. Any suggestion to port to a more open format without loosing the convenience & power of the spreadsheet is welcome.

- I used Excel 2003 but I'm pretty sure it works as well with earlier versions.

- You will most likely need to lower the security settings in excel (in order to run unsigned macros). Macros (some viruses are indeed Excel macros) and this prog are just the same: VBA code.

I am not asking you to trust me about the security of my app. If you want it in a form that you can first check for security issue (basically an Excel file without the VBA things, plus those VBA things in plain text that you will have to import to excel after checking), feel free to ask. I can understand that perfectly.

- [Advanced users] If you want to make use of your actual apps list, you will have to 'import' it to Excel semi-automatically (no import module written). This should not be very difficult if you make a smart use of the Edit/Replace menu command (for example in Excel, Word or Notepad2 [regexp!]) and of the Data/Convert menu command of Excel.

For an example of this procedure with the WPI config.js file, you may want to check out this post.

History: changes in version 0.1.0:

- Automatic export of the output to a file (path & file name selectable) in addition to the output sheet.

- Automatic export (clipboard + txtbox) of the command necessary to run the output script.

- WPI user options (V5.0) and kTool options customizable and exported with the output.

- Improvement to XPLODE (variables names) and WIHU (Helptext descriptions) exports.

- AutoInstall timer spread from WIHU to WPI and XPLODE.

- Various cosmetic, didactic and supercalifragilistic changes.

- Code hardening.

Edited by Djé

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Attached is a port to OpenOffice.org 2

It didn't seem to work properly on openoffice but give it a try.

EDIT did I say cool? I meant WICKED!


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Très très bonne idée, T D :thumbup

I haven't enough time right now to install OpenOffice* and look at how we can fix it, but if we could manage to make this work in a free, Open Source software, I would be delighted.

Next Excel version of this is also queuing after my current project. I'll let you know, but if someone needs something, better ask it now :whistle:

*BTW, how would I do it unattendly?

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Version 0.5.0 is out!

First, check out the 1st post to grab the 1st part of the .rar archive.

Then come back here to grab the second (and last part) of it:

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Bonjour, Dié

Je suis tres interessé par ce methode via Excel => je pourrais mieux gerer les installation...

Je n'ai pas pu trouver une location pour telecharger...

Est-ce-que je vois mal (bien possible)..

Merci bien de vouloir m'indiquer ou / comment telecharger (j'ai deja WPI tout neuf, pas utilisé encore).


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