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  1. Hi i facing a small problem, i am using windows xp sp2 and windows vista ultimate edition, now the problem is that i have attached a external hard disk to my Win xp i was able to view and access all the files and folder and i used the same external HD with my vista i was able to view all folders and file.Now the problem arises when i used the external HD with another system with Windows XP sp2, when i tried to open the folder which i previously accessed using vista its throwing error "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" but actually the folder have data in it, this happen only with 2 folder but other folders are accessible.Can anyone help me with it.
  2. Foxit Reader Advert Remover

    10x dude
  3. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    its sounds gr8 thnax
  4. Nero Custom Applications Builder (NCAB)

    seem kool app dude i really needed one thnx
  5. well waiting shrinker for M$ Office 2007.... is it available ?
  6. [Help] "Class not registered" Error !

    Okie LLXX can you tell me exactly which codec is it.... b'coz i have installed the latest codec's available...
  7. [Help] "Class not registered" Error !

    well thnx dude, i have tried all the possible solution given ....but no result. so now i have only solution is to reinstall the codec and see.
  8. Well forum i have a small problem... while using image grabber II software to grab screenshot from the movie in (wmv,avi,dat,mpeg) its throwing an error "Class not registered", when i try to open the files. can anyone let me know the reason for error and solution for it thnx
  9. Proinstall V2

    thnx since after long i have been here i will give a try
  10. [Help] Windows Xp Settings

    well really thnx to all my both problem got sloved after installation of video driver.....
  11. [Help] Windows Xp Settings

    dude can you tell me where can i find video driver for my laptop im using Toshiba TE2000 no the hibernate option used to show up when i was using Sp2 but y not know ?
  12. [Help] Windows Xp Settings

    hello, well i have installed WinXp pro sp3 on my system and i have few problems 1. When i scroll before it used to be smooth scrolling but now its wavy scrolling any solution for this ? 2. I cant find Hibernate Option in my Power Options as well as Stand By Option when i trun off my com. so can any one help to set it thnx
  13. [Help] Windows - System Error

    well dude it work i have put Obtain Ip address automatic and Dns address automatic in both the system and it work....
  14. [Help] Windows - System Error

    thnx dude i will give a try and let you know the result