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Is it possible to get back removed keyboard layouts?


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Hey guys, I'm currently using a nLited version of WINXP

I tried the above methods but I can't seem to get 'CHINESE (PRC) IME KEYBOARD LAYOUT' installed back in.

Is there anyway you guys could help me out?

I might be doing something wrong so if someone could help me with a step by step guide it'll be very much appreciated.

Thanks alot!

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Try to import the attached 2 registry files, then you can have both Simplified and Traditional Chinese locale in registry.

Then you can try to reinstall the files.

C:\WINDOWS\inf>rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection LANGUAGE_COLLECTION.BASIC.INSTALL 00000804 C:\Windows\Inf\INTL.INF



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I don't need to import any registry strings, the inf command works right away and prompts for some files on the 'cd' e.g. the one i nlited has the files needed, namely some .nls files. i don't really understand why they weren't copied in the first place (i.e. during setup)...

Has anyone figured out what should work: does copying over the I386\LANG folder from the FULL untouched windows CD, to the nLited windows folder (before making an iso/install via winnt.exe) make all the languages available as normal? i don't need the headache of selecting which languages to remove, i prefer just leaving them all in myself... ?

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  • 2 years later...

You may get a lot of "missing" files, especially if I386 is (nearly) empty. I've build a script that avoids the need to find the proper file, extract it, point, start again...

It needs to be finished so if you wait a few minutes, I'll post it.

(edit : finished, now debugging it)

edit2: I didn't get any today. Weird.

edit3: after various tries, I had no missing file (except the first one wich is a .nls file)

have you post anywhere this script?


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(...SIX year old post? very old...)
have you post anywhere this script?


Have you tried to manually find the files and install them like the first several posts instruct?

You're welcome!

yeah, I have worked it out manually, though I had to go here and there and do stuff, and since this request is frequent, I thought maybe a script already existed

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