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  1. snowden

    netmon and nlite

    i was having problems getting WireShark to run (it requires WinPCap) but the winpcap.dll error kept popping up so i did this: dependancy walker worked a treat for me, i opened rcapd.exe in the WinpCap program folder, and found some missing files. so i opened up my windows cd and found them, the files i needed are compressed on the windows cd so just use expand -r *.* at a command prompt to expand them all when you have them together in a folder. The files, in case anyone is wondering what they are: INETCOMM.DL_ MOBSYNC.DL_ MOBSYNC.EX_ MOBSYNCS.CH_ MOBSYNCS.HL_ NETMON.EX_ NETMON.IN_ NETNM.IN_ NETNMTLS.IN_ NETPLWIZ.DL_ NPPAGENT.EX_ NPPTOOLS.DL_ UTILDLL.DL_ and all i did was expand them and then copy them to my windows\system32 folder. next, i follow the tutorial given here. Enjoy.
  2. Nevermind, I solved it. I remade an nLited windows and now it works! I left Ports (COM & LPT) intact, and also had to make sure that Remote Access (Auto) Connection Manager was working. I should also mention that this time around I didn't get any INF file errors, it worked straight away! :)
  3. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=107021
  4. best thing would be to do a full install of your x64 os first, and build an nlited version of it from within.
  5. hm, what os is it? what did you remove? please leave your last_session.ini here so we can read...
  6. it's a bit different to xp pro though, i have had nightmares with it but it seems pretty stable for a while now. problem was i had to find out what not to remove, but i figured it out mostly.
  7. Eric, I wouldn't mind helping you with this in detail, because i have more than one pc at home, and i want to use this pxe method but i just don't know how to start. i have nlited windows 2003 many many times myself and use it now always, and it works perfectly, i even install it from usb. could i chat to you on msn or something because i want to know how to get that pxe boot working for myself if possible! regarding the cd-rom seatch: there is a part of the winnt.sif that looks for the cd or a local source. if you copy over the i386 folder and manage to boot from it i don't see why you would need a cd-rom...problem is i haven't done a pxe install myself before (but i'd love to, sounds like it would save so much time!!). anyway, if you go into your winnt.sif file there is a string called [Data], it looks like this: [Data] Autopartition=0 FloppyLess=1 MsDosInitiated=0 UnattendedInstall="Yes" see where it says "MsDosInitiated=0", change that to 1 or 0, i can't remember which way around it is, one way means it will prompt for the cd, the other way means it uses the local source. if it still doesn't wotk, i'd have to know what happens during the pxe bootup then i'd more than likely understand why it asks for a cd.
  8. just in nlite remove 'Internet Explorer', it's there somewhere!
  9. using the default hide pages works for me, i think (ie you shouldn't have to put it to 'fully automated'?)
  10. So I've been wrestling with installing the 3G Broadband Modem from Vodafone on windows 2003 (the os is nlited btw). i tried to narrow the problems down to me having left out something on nlite, and i think i might have solved all of this, i just need confirmation from someone who knows the job more than i do so i don't waste my time making a new nlited windows with 'Ports - COM and LPT' included, esp. if there is a much simpler solution! basically i had one problem to start with, and it was a 'required section not found in INF' error message after i had installed the modem in its first stage (when it installs the modem as a usb device itself). i found a blog that helped me solve this error message, couldn't believe how simple it was (because it is said how stupid can windows be that it isn't fixed by now?), see here: http://www.loosewireblog.com/2006/07/how_to_fix_a_br.html. anyway, that said, i fixed it, and the modem installed successfully. the next problem i have is when i look in device manager, there is a Port section, and in it is a HUAWEI Modem...etc port that has a yellow exclamation box in it. i right-clicked it to see what the problem is, and it says 'windows cannot load drivers for this device'. on looking around the windows setupapi.log, i find that the device could not be started (unknown reason). Now i am thinking to myself that the only reason it won't start (and can't load the drivers) is because it is a port that needs a COM port to work. i tried selecting one in properties, but the device fails to start (the vodafone gives error 'failed to connect to network, please check your wireless device settings'). so ll i am left with now is that the device won't work because i removed Ports: COM and LPT from windows when i nlited it... is this where the problem lies? or am i overlooking something? btw, i also have tried the modem on a 'TinyXP' version i have on my pc, and it worked fine there...when i checked the Last_session.ini for that version of windows i don't see ports com and lpt removed! and just to really check if it was windows 2003 that was the problem i nlited windows XP pro sp2 from scratch with the final nlite 1.4 (again, i removed ports from this version) and guess what? the modem didn't work - i got the same error as on windows 2003! so maybe i am right, the modem's data interface depends on Ports: COM and LPT?
  11. you can try EasyWeb server, http://easywebserv.sourceforge.net/ (PHP+MYSQL) or go for a perl+mysql pack like XAMPP, or the devside.net which has php+mysql+perl+jsp.
  12. I don't need to import any registry strings, the inf command works right away and prompts for some files on the 'cd' e.g. the one i nlited has the files needed, namely some .nls files. i don't really understand why they weren't copied in the first place (i.e. during setup)... Has anyone figured out what should work: does copying over the I386\LANG folder from the FULL untouched windows CD, to the nLited windows folder (before making an iso/install via winnt.exe) make all the languages available as normal? i don't need the headache of selecting which languages to remove, i prefer just leaving them all in myself... ?
  13. Yeah, I wanted to do that too. Having used nLite for a while though, I know that there is a registry area called HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT that contains configuration settings that will be loaded automatically for every user that logs onto the machine, and/or for every new profile created, these registry settings will be applied. If you know what settings to insert (or just copy them to the relevant places from your own profile (HKEY_CURRENT_USER), then I'm sure it is possible to put on a setup cd. One way you could do it is just to export your settings from HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then change the path of all entries to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\ etc. and delete the entries you don't want (or that don't apply). Then have this registry entry run on startup. As far as I know there is a much easier way but I think it involves ini files, maybe somebody here who knows could tell us how!
  14. I looked in the \i386 folder of older nlite rips of Windows 2003 i made (with nlite 1.3.5 final) and I was able to select the keyboard language I want (Irish), even though the agt* files are NOT present in the folder...btw I'm now using 1.4 beta. I suppose the weird thing is that I keep all the languages in the install (I don't select any languages for removal), but I did pre-select region and keyboard language in nlite. maybe that's where the bug is? The thing I'd really like to know is what are the files that constitute the locale and keyboard layouts - then I'd be able to see what files are 'missing' - be they physically missing, or just not listed in the txtsetup.sif. whatever!
  15. @ilko_t - I see. But if you are running setup booting from a cdrom, how does the setupldr.bin enumerate this? How does it know the cdrom is the 'first hard drive'? I just have to say this again in case, and to ask: is the setupldr.bin looking for setup files on the first harddrive when running setup via winnt.exe, or via the method of setup that seems to boot straight to the text phase like when starting from cdrom? Because the latter is what I want to happen when booting setup from a usb stick...
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