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Hello :D

At first, sorry my bad JAP English, but plz try to understand what I want to say. OK?

My question is about WindowsXP-KB904942-v2-x86-ENU.exe Hotfix for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

I'm a user of XPCREATE. Of course, I can install “KB904942 v2” via XPCREATE. I can see “KB904942 v2” information in the Add/Remove Programs list. However, when I check it on Windows update, the MS site requires “KB904942 v2” again. It is quite strange for me why MS asks me to install “KB904942 v2” again even though the Hotfix has been already installed.

Then, I click “KB904942 v2” to install manually. But After the installation, MS is still asking me to install it. If “KB904942 v2” is installed from Windows update site automatically, MS never asks me to install it.

I think there should be a kind of log file or registry information which links to Windows update site. But I do not know.

So, is there anybody who knows how to install “KB904942 v2” manually?

Plz don’t ask me why I want to install the Hotfix. ;)


PS: I uploaded the latest Hotfix information in my thread in XPCREATE Forum. Plz visit if you need.

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The problem is that the MS has silently updated KB904942. The last official one for download came out in February, featuring build 2784 of wdigest.dll. It was updated this week on MU/WU to build 2874, but no new download has been made available from MS' site.

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Whilst the latest update to 904942 is April, it seems to me that the only download available for 904942 is for the February update. Every link from MU/WU or other MS downloads ends up at the Feb update. It appears the only way to get the latest (April) update to 904942 is via MU/WU.

Unless of course somebody knows different and can provide a link to the download or to more information.

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Sorry, W-posting, but I need to do.


Finally, I solved the problem. :lol::lol:

There are 2 types (versions) of file in KB904942-v2 x86 !

If you visit MS Download center, you can download Februrary version only. :(

Else if you automatically install KB904942-v2 x86 via WU, the latest version (Apr 11) will be installed.

I compared those two KB904942-v2 x86 files.

See below GIF. date of "KB904942.cat" are different!! :thumbup

Apr 11 (Mar.24,2006)


Feb (Oct.27,2005)


You should better to use Apr 11 version if you'd like to perform silent installation.

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Yes, as you said, RyanVM. There is a updated version from Feb.


Ok, Here is the link for APR11 kb904942-v2 but it is for JPN.

In addition, it is a cab file. I don't know how to integrate _sfx_0000._p to CAT. If it is a exe-file, I can integrate with /x. But the cab file doesn't work with /x command.

Do you know how to integrate _sfx_0000._p files in a cab? :P

I think if you can integrate _sfx_0000._p files in a cab to CAT, you can use above a JPN file for your machine. Because you may install it silently.

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