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[Release] Windows Vista sound scheme.

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Upgrade your old sound scheme with the new Windows Vista sounds...

Including MSN / WLM messenger sounds

I chose not to make an SFX archive or installer, so you can include it on your UA media the way YOU prefere.

Installation guidelines:

1. Place the Media folder in %systemroot%.

2. Apply the included VistaSounds.reg.

Ps. The system audiofiles are named in Norwegian. If you would like to rename them you must also rename in the VistaSounds.reg file, however this is NOT necessary...

Download (Direct)

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That link doesn't work, but I already have the English soundscheme.

So I made a pack with the sounds and I created a working good .reg file, now everyone here can ENJOY!

edit: nope, I get: Not Found

The requested URL /msfn/VistaScheme.zip was not found on this server.

But I already had english version and I am uploading my pack with .reg file now :)

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Windows Vista Soundscheme


The .reg file renames the Default Soundscheme to "Windows Vista" & modifies it with the Vista sounds.

It will also set the Windows Vista soundscheme as the current one to be used.

download the file, the Media folder belongs in the Windows directory.

Add the .reg file to your general regtweaks.reg (runned @T12) file for uA install.

Note: the hkey_current_user will be tweaked, this only works for all users when applied during T12.

Edited by ZileXa
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Please download again!

The previous .reg file DID create the Default soundscheme (=called Windows Vista) , but it also applied "NO soundscheme" as the current scheme, instead of the Default soundscheme.

I'm sure it works now, will test tomorrow. Enjoy.

Previous version was downloaded 16 times.

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Unfortunately, whatever regtweak I try, the Soundscheme is CREATED, and can be selected, but for newly created users, no soundscheme is selected (not even "No sounds"), I still have to select the soundscheme manually..

very annoying, tried regshot but didn't help.

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