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Set Background during unattended install

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Really new to this so take it easy on me.

How do I create a command lines text file to set the background image of my desktop during install.

This is just one of many tweaks I wish to adjust but If I see how to do one I may get the hang of it to atempt the rest.

I use nlite to integrate service packs and hotfixes but it has limited tweaks.

Kind regards


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Not quite what I wanted. Maybe I didn't phrase things right.

I want to be able to set the desktop background image to show no image rather than selecting display properties and changing manually. "Not the images of my installation process".

Good reply though, i will use that some other time.



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contents of cmdlines.txt. (put .reg files in the regtw dir. this dir must be in the same location where cmdlines.txt is present) :


"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Applications_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Bootup_Startup.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Control_Panel_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Crash_Control_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Desktop_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Dos_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Explorer_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Hardware_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Internet_Apps_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Internet_Explorer_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Menu_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\My_Custom_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Network_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\QuickLaunch.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\RAM_Memory_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Services_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Shutdown_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\Visual_Tweaks.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\WFP_Disable.reg"

"REGEDIT /S REGTW\W2003_Tweaks.reg"

"net start Themes"


Registry tweaks for setting desktop bg :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Set Custom Wallpaper

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]




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