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Xgl and Compiz


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Xgl is an X server architecture, started by David Reveman, layered on top of OpenGL via glitz. Nowadays, most PCs are shipped with a 3D graphics card (foremostly from NVIDIA or ATI Technologies) and Xgl allows the X server to take advantage of its 3D processing power, assuming suitable drivers are available.

Official Page

So now you're wondering... what it really can do! Check the video!! :blink:

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True that it might be a bit difficult to setup, I had it running but it took up too many resources, and my graphics card couldn't handle the spinning desktop feature for some odd reason...

But other than that, its pretty good :)

DENY APPLE... haha... erm

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The Kororaa project has released a live CD demonstrating the new Xgl technology for 3D window manipulation and other unusual effects: "Today I am happy to release a Kororaa live CD showcasing Xgl technology. If you would like to find out what it's all about, then download the CD and boot up your PC! The Live CD comes with X.Org 7.0, GNOME 2.12.2, 3D support and of course Xgl. Supported drivers are 'nvidia' (NVIDIA) and 'fglrx' (ATI). Minimum recommended configuration is Pentium 3 with NVIDIA GeForce video card."



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it is supposed to be included on the next ubuntu relase (dapper drake 6.04) which will be available on april (it is said to be delayed a month or so).

dapper will also include the next gnome version :D

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