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Dell Dimension 4300S CPU running @ a constant 100%.


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I just got a Dell 4300S PC for sorting this guy out with a new pc and getting him up and running with it.

I have wiped the hard disk on the Dell and put Windows Home edition back on clean install. I have cleaned all the dust from the machine. and Reseated the CPU with some nice thermal Paste. Only thing is it is ver very slow and in the task manager the CPU is running at 100%. Its the thin case as I thought it would be a good TV PC.

Has anyone got any Ideas as I am starting to loose my mind.

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The CPU can't run by itself ,,,,, some program is running, what is it?

Look at the list of services running.......under Processes in Task Manager.

Look at the CPU column to see which program is using all the CPU time.

Did you use the Dell Cd to restore it?

Their version of windows is specially written to work with their proprietary hardware.

Any other version may or may not work correctly.

Did you say its one of them thar thin-line cases? Horrors!

They regularly die from overheating. Very poor cooling.

Good Luck,


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Intel... of course. They have thermal limiter which halves and then quarters the clock speed if the temperature gets too high.

Your CPU is running at 1/2 or even 1/4 of its normal speed, which is why everything slows down and CPU usage goes to 100% since it's much slower now.

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I just downloaded Throttle watch. and it shows cpu running 100% throttle 0%. I have changed the Fan on the CPU. where as before the heat sink was bruning hot. The heatsink is cool. Will not having windows xp sp2 installed cause a problem?

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I had the same problem with my IBM X40 laptop. winlogin.exe (the windows program not the virus) was using 99% of my CPU resources. I had to reinstall windows and run all the updates before I installed the IBM drivers.

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