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to start off in the linux world i would start off with a livecd (runs straight from cd) so you get a taster of what its like if u like it >? install it :D currently im dual booting ubuntu and windows :D

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i recommend Ubuntu to anyone...its a very reliable OS. i'm currently actually updating ubuntu from 5.10 to 6.06, and then if it lets me, i'll be going up to 6.10 so i can install Satanic Edition [as a joke, i'm no satanist]....

it takes a considerable amount of time to learn, but its well worth it.

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i like opensuse

its nice

but the installing part can be an hard with all of the settings up there is

to like Fedora ...

but i like fedora / opensuse :) both are nice and easy to use

( opensuse i found picked up most of my hardware with easy )

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I have given DreamLinux a try and I will tell you, its very nice looking. And it's fast. It's very easy t o setup and get running. I had my wifi card working in about 10 minutes. It uses NDIS Wrapper though.

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Hm been doing linux for years I have used most of them. If you want something that just works for most desktop things including playing dvd's and such right out of the box so to speak try pclinuxos.

Ubunto/kubunto hardware detection is not as good.

Fedora well it's fedora.

And suse although I like it has been doing strange things lately. Not to mention that yast thier admin tool if you really need to admin the box is a nightmare. It will let you get the basics done but locks down the config of your system so bad that if you really try to admin it yourself never open yast again or it will mess up all your hard work.

The last relaease of mandriva was supposed to have been pretty incredible. It's very user friendly. More so that the ubunto based distros.

PClinuxos is based off of mandriva from about 3 or 4 years ago. He split it and did his own thing. He adds the best tools from whatever distro works well for each task. And packages things by default like dvd playback that you have to hunt for to find a solution with the others.

I didn't read what the guy said about slackware above but it is not named properly. If you try slackware be ready to do everything by hand when you want things to work.

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