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Progress Bars for Installs via kTools and WPI

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I stll can't get it to work anymore and you are missing some entries in the optionswizard.js

Ok I got it too work but none of the installs went through the went by super quick and didnt actually run the installers.

Duh I wasn't using wpipath variable.

Now you just need to add the proper entries into the options wizard so it properly saves the option to use kTool.

I REALLY want to add this into the next release it is simply brilliant!

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Will have some time today to do some mods. Didn't see any problems on my machines using the options wizard though. Maybe a repost of what I'm working with. Able to save and change, one caveat, did get asked by one member why it wouldn't change when on a cd/dvd (the option must be selected before burning to read-only media as the scripts can't be changed later).

If we remove it as an option, then we will not have to worry about that.

Still working on some hanging wpi.exe issues, seems that kTool.exe doesn't close everytime and that is what wpi.exe keys on to close itself out, still investigating, however...

Also, not closing the audioplayer...will add this to the wpi.exe today (forgot it closes out of generate.js code and loses this when mshta.exe closes)

if launched by wpi.cmd, (I recommend Doc Symbioses at the link below as it will also work relative path issues and sets a global wpi variable...he uses %SWPATH%). For now, it just doesn't try to monitor the installation and close out mshta.exe nor accept command-line support.


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I know this post is Ktool in WPI in normal time but i did test Ktool with WPI in T-12 fase.

And i get this informations


Kel you cen tele me whot i need do for fixed this.

Sorry so sorry for my english lanuage.

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WPI Progress Bars without configuration option...simplified per Kel request

1. Download WPI v4.3.8

2. Download kTool.exe and place in WPI>Tools (included in attachment)

3. Download generate.js and place in Wpiscripts (included in attachment)

4. Remember an install log for kTool is kept in TEMP Directory after completed


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WPI.exe - Seperate Project but posted for completeness on above Progress Bars

(plus not enough space in last post due to size limitations)

*Now closes out the audioplayer

If used, wpi.exe now provides:

Global variable %wpipath%
-Can use from relative paths - mapping to first available drive letter
-Closure of mshta.exe after detection of start of installation via kTool - Keying on kTool.exe process existence.
-Command line support with profile and timer (i.e. wpi.exe Home 30), type "wpi.exe ?" for help

Added lines in wpi.au3/wpi.exe:
-Launch fontinstaller and ResChange Executables (remarked out for now, just remove; in front of Run line)
-Launch Shutdown and cleanup (both remarked out for now)

Otherwise, you can still launch with wpi.cmd



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Followed the instructions to include the progress bar. When I select begin install, a progress bar appears for a few seconds listing the programs and then closes and no applications are installed. What am I doing wrong?

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Rename old config.js in the Wpiscripts folder or back it up, then add this test config.js file! If on local system, launch wpi.hta or wpi.cmd...You should see the notepad and cmd window open.

If not, check that you have kTool.exe loaded inside of your WPI>Tools folder.

If you still see the RunOnceEx dialog, make sure you placed the new generate.js in the Wpiscripts folder, either way, you should still be installing/launching notepad and cmd.

This will tell if your commands inside your original config.js need to be relooked.

BTW: were you using global variables?


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@lawrenca I found a minor error I just can't seem to fix.

When launching from WPI.hta the main windows no longer minimizes when the installations begin. Could you please take a look at the current generate.js file for me? I attached it for you to look at...


I think your problen lies here ---- %CDROM%\\ you need to change all of these to %wpipath%\\ now.

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