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Why can't Windows Text Setup be changed from Blue?


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Why can't Windows Text Setup be changed from Blue? I have searched around and all I found what that Winnt.exe was "rehashed" or "obfusticated". What do these terms mean, it there anyway possible to change the blue color?

I am really interested.

Thanks for your input.


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You mean obfuscated ?

That means that the code inside WINNT.EXE has been changed in such a way that reverse-engineering it will either fail or produce incomprehensible results....

Google for Code Obfuscation to understand more...

But it would be cool if solved though, then we can have REALLY customized Windows versions...

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It is possible! About a year ago i download Windows MCE and this version has the name of the warez :no: group in it. in the text setup i mean so it is possible

Let me guess, in the License file?

:realmad: no im not stupid :realmad:

i mean the bleu setup.

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i thin kthe Blue setup screens and texts are coming frm the I386\System32\smss.exe & NTDLL.DLL

winnt.exe has nothing to do with it

it just copies the install files in DOS and reboot the PC

then the setup (textmode) is handled by SMSS.exe and NTDLL.dll

check them with reshacker

i havnt tried to edit those , sometimes may work ??

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I just went through ntdll.dll and nothing for bitmaps

smss.exe has two bitmaps that I can't see...and it looks like all of the setup text..

now, if someone could tell me how to see bitmaps 601 and 602, this mystery may be solved! maybe it's like the boot screen and needs a certain color pallet to see?

am I the only one who wants a red txt setup?

edit: the boot screen color pallet didn't work :(

man, if only I knew the right person in ms..:P

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got the color blue from a screenshot, the hex color is 00 00 AA

(R:00 G:00 B: 170)

did a search in the winnt.exe for Hex 0000AA and no result.. did a search in ntdll.dll and got too many, so if the color was more unique i could get it.

unless i remade an iso and checked it about 50 times i don't know of a way to find this.. and with no garuntee that the ntdll.dll is even the file that has to be modified.

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