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!Need some help with a different type of install with WPI!


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I am using your installer in a different manner than most of your users here, and previous to 4.3 it was working fine. I am taking the WPI files and putting them in the root of an external usb hardrive. This hardrive contains all of my installation files (I have a very large amount of installation data and it will not fit onto a DVD). The problem I am having seems to derive from the path. After reading through these threads i have found several examples of this same issue but the thread seems to end before the resolution is found. When i run the WPI.cmd file it defines the cdrom drive (by finding the wpi.ico) correctly. but when i run a .bat file through the installation process it finds the bat file but fails to run any executables within the bat file (or find any files that are being copied) when i run a current directory check after the bat has been triggered it is saying that the current drive is now the root of C. How can I keep the environment inside the folder that the bat is being launched or at least keep the CD from reverting back to C:?

any help with this is greatly appreciated!!!!


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