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Win2k3 server Billboard Screen


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I have some problems when i modify the WINNTBBU.DLL of Windows 2003 server !

I user the program : ResHarcker v 3.4.079 to edit this file.

Then to modify the DLL BMP, i go into the Bitmap sesion then into the "123" folder the i click on "1036" to modify the BMP : i receive an error :

" Violation d'acccès à l'adresse 00402791 dans le module 'ResHacker.exe". Ecriture de l'adress 01930000"

So impossible to edit and change the BMP

The same when i uncompress the WINNTBBU.DL_ : same error

In fact, this file seems to be protected, is there a way to modify the BillBoard of MS Win2k3 server or not ?

Thank you for your all help


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I've just test this : everything is good

I modify the winntbbu.dll and also uncompress/compress the winntbbu.dl_

Eveything is working

Thank' s a lot

And i think it can help some other people !

Bye :thumbup

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