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Sub-Group.x Problem


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Hi everybody!

I want to do the following:

[Microsoft Software]
[x] Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
[x] ...
[x] Microsoft Office
(x) Microsoft Office 2000
( ) Microsoft Office 2003
[x] ...
[x] Microsoft Windows Media Player 10

To make this work I MUST set a unnecessary "command.x=..." for "Microsoft Office" menu. Otherwise the sub-group doesn't show...

How can I bypass this ????


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This is what I use for Java. You can ignore the Dutch descriptions as they are not important.

description.6 = Java
helptext.6 = Noodzakelijk, als je JAVA programma's wilt uitvoeren.
command.6 = *
test.6.0 = %WIHU%\System\J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 5.msi
test.6.1 = %WIHU%\System\MSJavx86.EXE
test.eval.6 = 0 | 1
disabled.6 = if.false
selected.6 = if.true
group.6 = 1

description.6.0 = Sun J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0.5
helptext.6.0 = Het meest up-to-date JAVA programma van Sun Microsystems.
command.6.0 = *
test.6.0.0 = %WIHU%\System\J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 5.msi
test.eval.6.0 = 0
disabled.6.0 = if.false
selected.6.0 = if.true, inherit
command.6.0.0 = msiexec.exe /norestart /qb-! /i "%WIHU%\System\J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 5.msi" IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=1 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS JAVAUPDATE=0
command.6.0.1 = regedit.exe /s %WIHU%\System\J2SE.reg
hidden.6.0.0 = 1
hidden.6.0.1 = 1
description.6.0.0 = Installeren van Sun J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0.5
description.6.0.1 = Aanpassen van Sun J2SE Runtime Environment registerinstellingen

description.6.1 = Microsoft Java VM v5.00.3810
helptext.6.1 = Een wat verouderde JAVA versie van Microsoft.
command.6.1 = *
test.6.1.0 = %WIHU%\System\MSJavx86.EXE
test.eval.6.1 = 0
disabled.6.1 = if.false
command.6.1.0 = %WIHU%\System\MSJavx86.EXE /Q:A
hidden.6.1.0 = 1
description.6.1.0 = Installeren van Microsoft Java VM v5.00.3810



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