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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Beta 1.0.701


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When I first run the application it tells me that the definitions are from today. So I don't know exactly when it's grabbing them (on app start, on app install, etc). It really seems good enough for my purposes. If you want to see for sure, just run SysInternals TCPView during the install or for that matter enable a firewall that makes you permit applications on a per app basis.

One thing I thought I had set properly was to hide the tray icon, but it seems to eventually pop up in the tray. Oh well this seems like as good as its going to get from me until the beta cycle ends. I'll spend more time, which I don't have much of, once the final is out.

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It works. One of my clients seems to like the more questionable web sites (he owns the business so I guess he can surf wherever he wants). Anyway, he was browsing to some sights that even made me blush and all the while those little boxes that slide up from the corner to warn you of stuff being block kept on appearing. So it did seem to be working. Also when I first installed MS AntiSpyware on his computer it eliminated a few dozen infections. It was actually kind of cool. It was like watching two militaries duking it out. Luckily MS AntiSpyware won the battle.

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